Warzone: How To Win In Gulag

Call of Duty

Are you someone who is constantly being defeated in Warzone’s Gulag? Are you tired of getting beaten up again and again? Well, then we have some important tips for you.

Warzone attracting 50 million players towards itself within the first month of its release pretty much confirmed that the game is going to be a success. Fast forward to today, it is ranked as one of the best battle royale games in the world. Featuring around 150 players in a single match, Warzone tends to take a unique approach towards the battle royale theme. Players can found weapons and killstreaks that were present in the previous Call of Duty games.

Gulag in Warzone

There are many things about Warzone that makes it different from other battle royale games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. One of the major things is the Gulag. If you get killed, then you are thrown into the Gulag where you can play a 1v1 fight against some other player. The winner gets sent back to the match, while the loser must wait for his teammates to revive him through the buy station.


The Gulag can get frustrated at times. This is mainly because you have only one chance. Furthermore, you don’t have the luxury to choose a weapon you will get a random one. The weapon also changes every time, so you really don’t get any choice. Still, its a great opportunity to get back into the match. However, even though a 1v1 match seems like an easy task, you can get knocked down pretty easily with one wrong move. Today, we are going to share some things that can help you secure a victory in the gulag.

Understand The Weapon Rotation

Previously, there weren’t many weapons featured in the Gulag, and players were limited to only a few ones. This made a lot of players disappointed and they then requested Infinity Ward to increase the weapon pool. Soon after it, the developers changed the way how weapons were introduced in the Gulag and made sure that there are different weapons every week. At the moment, there are a total of 4 different weapon sets with each one becoming available every week.

If you happen to get your hand on an Assault Rifle, then you can put your opponent down in only a few shots. The best part about ARs is that you don’t even have to get close to your enemy as they’re pretty good at mid-range combat. However, if you happen to get your hands on an SMG, then you will have to get close to your enemy. Otherwise, you’ll just miss bullets from far away. You might also end up getting a Pistol or a Shotgun, and they require you to have pinpoint accuracy.

Don’t Waste Your Tactical Equipment

Other than weapons, you will also get one Tactical Equipment such as the Stun Grenade. However, some players make the mistake of using it without a proper plan. If they get a Stun Grenade, they just throw it without knowing the location of their enemy. This should be not the case at all as you should save something like this until you get a glimpse of your target.


Don’t Wander Around

The worst part about the Gulag is that it is based in a small room. There aren’t many places for you to go. If you wander around aimlessly, then you will most likely get caught off guard by your enemy. This is why it is considered best to just stick to the edges of the room as you will get a much better view this way. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about getting shot from the back.

Capture The Flag, But Be Careful

If no one in the Gulag has managed to secure a kill, then a flag appears in the middle of the room. Whoever captures the flag is considered the winner. However, the thing about this flag is that while it is really quick and easy to capture, you are left open from multiple sides. This can make it easy for your enemy to eliminate you before you even make it to the flag. Therefore, make sure that your sides are clear and then make a move for the flag.

This was some important information that can help you secure a win in the Gulag. We hope that it will help you out.