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Warzone Heartbeat Sensors Are Killing Players

Warzone players have always complained about coming across different bugs since the game’s release. Some of these bugs were so game-breaking that players stopped playing Warzone because of them. Even though Infinity Ward always responds quickly to such matters, they are unable to put an end to all of them. And now, a new bug has appeared which is killing players through Heartbeat Sensors.


For those who don’t know, Heartbeat Sensors are one of the most popular tactical items in the game. It basically allows you to see if there are any enemies nearby. While it is something really useful, some players are having problems with using it. Earlier, there were reports claiming that the Heartbeat Sensor was showing dots even though no enemies were around. Soon after it, we saw reports about players using the Ghost perk appearing on the radar. And now, things have gotten out of control.

Warzone Heartbeat Sensor Kills Player

On Reddit, a Warzone player who goes by the name GiantDreamDwarf posted a clip in which he revealed yet another bug linked to the Heartbeat Sensors. But unlike the previous two bugs that were discovered, this one is making it difficult to play the game. As seen in the clip, the player got his hands on the Heartbeat Sensor and was planning to use it. However, as soon as he used it, he dropped dead.

The clip has left everyone confused about how he was killed. He was not shot from anywhere and there was no explosion nearby him. Judging from the situation, he was killed because of using the Heartbeat Sensor. The killcam also credited the kill to another player on the map, who was casually wandering around without a clue. He was far away from the place where Dwarf dropped dead, so there is no way he could’ve shot him.

What happened to Dwarf confirms that the developers still have a lot to fix about the Heartbeat Sensors. Although they might be one of the most useful tactical items in all of Warzone, there is no point in using them if they end up killing you. At the moment, Infinity Ward is yet to confirm whether they are aware of this bug or not. However, considering the post is getting a lot of heat, they’ll most likely notice it soon. Once that happens, we can expect to see a fix for it in the next update.

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