Warzone – Few Things Infinity Ward Should Consider Changing

 Warzone – Few Things Infinity Ward Should Consider Changing

Warzone attracting more than 50 million players within its first month was enough to make it one of the best battle royale titles out there. It instantly became a direct competitor of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Even on this day, it is one of the most played battle royale games. However, even though the developers have made it pretty amazing, there are still some things that should be changed.

Warzone Important Changes That Should Happen

While Warzone has been enjoyed by millions of players since its release, there have been many who were left disappointed because of it. This is was not because of the gameplay style, but because of some things that they found annoying. This is the case of most multiplayer games as players are constantly requesting the developers for changes. Today, we’ll mention some things that Infinity Ward should consider changing.

A Better Anti-Cheat System

Most of us can agree on the fact that cheating is the biggest problem in Warzone. The game has been swarming with hackers and cheaters since its early days. You might be wandering around the map with your squadmates and become a target of a hacker whose far away. Not only this, but you can also get killed by them while you’re behind a wall. This is why it can get quite frustrating to become a target of hackers as you can’t figure out how you got killed.

Since cheaters emerge from the PC version only, Console players have turned off crossplay to avoid getting in a lobby with them. This pretty much reveals the intensity of the issue. Recently, the developers decided to take down various cheat websites that supplied players with cheating tools. However, this still hasn’t helped them with completely decaying the problem. This is why its time for the developers to introduce a new anti-cheat system as the current one has clearly failed.

Let Us Climb The Rocks

Warzone’s map is filled with multiple things and you can even interact with some of them. You can find hidden bunkers, old buildings, broken cars, and much more throughout your journey. However, some of these things can get in your way to success, and it can get really annoying during the later stages of the game. One of these things is the rocks.

For those who don’t know, the developers failed to provide players with the luxury to climb rocks in Warzone. While this doesn’t seem like a big problem, it actually is. There are times when players have lost a match just because they were unable to climb over a small rocky obstacle. Therefore, its time Infinity Ward changes this and introduces a climbing mechanic similar to Apex Legends. This will give players more freedom to roam around the map.

Change The Gas Mask Animation

The Gas Mask animation yet another important thing that should be changed in Warzone. For those who don’t know, there have been reports about players getting killed while wearing the mask. Whenever you get inside the gas, your player will automatically put on the Gas Mask. However, this leaves you completely venerable as you cannot use your weapons until the animation is over. Even though the process is only a few seconds long, it is enough for your enemy to take you down. Therefore, as a lot of players have complained about this, its time Infinity Ward introduces something through which players can cancel the animation to avoid getting killed brutally.

Don’t Change The Colors

This is not something big, but still should be taken into consideration. Teammates are the most important thing during a match in Warzone. You just cannot survive without them. At the start of a match, your teammates get assigned different colors so that it can be easier for you to keep a track of them. However, this color changes after every session, something which can get irritating. This is because you just cannot get used to the already assigned colors. Infinity Ward should just assign a specific color to teammates which don’t change until they close the game. This will make things much easier.

These were some things every player would like to see changed in Warzone. Many players have requested the devs to introduce these things, so we can expect to see them in a future update.

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