Warzone: Best Perks You Should Try

 Warzone: Best Perks You Should Try

Call of Duty games have always allowed players to create and customize their own weapon loadouts. In Warzone, you have the luxury to choose from a wide range of different weapons and attachments, through which you can create your ultimate loadouts. However, along with these, you can also choose different perks that go well with your gameplay style.

Best Warzone Perks

Perks have always remained something popular in the Call of Duty franchise. As for Warzone, it features multiple perks for you to choose from. Thanks to Lootshare, we will be sharing some of the best perks available in the game. Keep in mind that the choice will vary from player to player.


Amped is currently the most popular perk in Warzone. In fact, it is used by more than 75% of players in Warzone. The reason behind why it’s so popular is that it lets you switch between weapons quickly. However, this perk goes side by side with Overkill as it doesn’t work when switching pistols and knives. Overkill basically lets you carry two primary weapons at the same time, and having the luxury to switch from one primary weapon to another quickly is a big plus point in Warzone.


There are times when you are engaged in critical gunfights. This is where you cannot afford to reload your weapon or even switch it as this can get you killed. However, if you have the Amped perked in your arsenal, then you don’t have to worry about either of this. Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give this perk a try.


Next up, we have Overkill. If you’ve been playing Warzone, then you must’ve come across this perk at least once. As mentioned above, Overkill will let you carry two primary weapons at the same time. So if you’re tired of carrying around a pistol which is not that useful in a game like Warzone, then its time to equip the Overkill perk. This perk is being used by more than 73% players, so there’s definitely a reason why it’s so popular.

The thing about Overkill is that it gives you the ultimate freedom of customizing your loadout. Before it, you are limited to choosing a single primary weapon and you have to carefully select the one that can help you out during multiple situations. However, with the Overkill perk, you can choose two different weapons that will be suitable for multiple situations. For instance, you can grab an Assault Rifle which will be suitable for close-mid ranged combat. Afterward, you can pair it with a Sniper which can help you take down enemies that are far away.


Are you tired of getting eliminated by explosives such as semtex and C4s? Are you unable to find a way to avoid them? Well, then we have something for you. There exists a perk in Warzone called E.O.D which basically reduces the effect of all explosives present in the game. Therefore, once you equip this perk that is being used by around 61% players, you won’t have to worry about getting blown away.


There are times when you are entering a building in a hurry and fail to see a Claymore placed right in front of you. Normally, you’ll get eliminated by it. However, with the E.O.D perk in your arsenal, you will survive the blast. Most Warzone players carry either a C4 or Claymore in their loadout, so its best to have this perk equipped if you’re always getting targetted by explosives.


In Warzone, your enemies can use different things such as UAVs and Heart Beat sensors to track your location. This isn’t something bothering during the early stages of the game but can cost you the entire match at the end. For instance, one UAV scan will let your enemies know your location in the late-game. This is where the Ghost perk comes in. This perk basically makes you invisible to everything that can give away your location. So if you want to focus on a stealthier approach, then make sure to give this perk a try.

These were the most popular perks in Warzone. There are multiple others that you can check out. Also, make sure to check out weapons you should avoiding picking up in Warzone.

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