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Some Apex Legends Cheaters Have Been Banned For A Week

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have always reported about facing cheaters in multiple matches. These cheaters have ruined the game since it first came out and are still present in the game. Although the developers have issued multiple ban waves through which they have banned a lot of cheaters, they just can’t put an end to them. And just recently, Respawn has once again issued a soft ban wave to players who were caught cheating.

Apex Legends Exploits

Cheating doesn’t necessarily include using a third-party software to get an advantage over other players, but it also includes exploiting bugs. Recently, there were some players who exploited two major bugs that were found in Apex. One of them allowed players to use an Ultimate ability over and over again without any cooldown, while the second one helped them with hiding at a secret spot in the final circle to avoid dying. This ultimately resulted in giving them free wins.

Apex Legends

Soft Ban Wave

Soon after these issues appeared on the surface, Respawn immediately took action and decided to fix them. However, other than focusing on fixing these issues, the developers also decided to punish those who were taking advantage of these bugs. They basically banned all those who were found cheating from the game for one week. This was confirmed by the in-game messages players received on September 18 which informed them about their ban.

Shortly after the ban wave, many players started claiming that they were banned even though they didn’t do anything. However, a member of Respawn’s security team, Conor Ford on Twitter confirmed that “justice was served” to those who tried to take advantage of the two bugs. There were some players who mentioned that they only used the exploit once, but this is enough for Respawn to ban them.

What Respawn did will most likely give a warning to those players who might try to do the same in the future. They issued a soft ban wave this time and punished players for only a week. However, if someone tries to attempt this again in the future, the developers might ban them permanently from the game. This has happened in the past and will most likely happen in the future as well. There is still some time left before Season 6 ends, so we will have to wait and see if there are any more exploits or not.