Epic Games has a habit of vaulting and unvaluting different items in Fortnite. Most of the time, they introduce things that are requested by almost every player. However, there are times when players don’t appreciate the stuff that is being added, such as the recently introduced Boogie Bombs.

Fortnite Boogie Bombs

For those who don’t know, Boogie Bombs were last seen in the game before Chapter 2. As many players found them annoying, no one was waiting for them to return. However, they have made their way back to Fortnite in Season 4 for the first time since Chapter 2 went live. They have been around for only a few days and players are already tired of them.


Epic Games introduced a major update that brought back multiple items from the Vault. The update brought back many important items even the much-demanded Pump Shotgun. As for Boogie Bombs, they aren’t loved by many. This is mainly because of how they work. For instance, if you get hit by a Boogie Bomb, then you will be forced to dance. You will keep on dancing for around five seconds, which is enough for your enemy to take you down.

How To Counter Them

At the moment, there are only two ways to get out of misery. First, you will simply have to wait for the five seconds timer to end. Second, if your enemy is kind enough, then he will save you from the misery of dancing like a clown and take you down before the timer runs out. This is why players are annoyed by it as they just can’t find a way to overcome it. However, this might soon change thanks to a recent discovery made by MrSavage from 100 Thieves.

During one of his streams, MrSavage left all of his fans surprised when he used a crash pad to counter a Boogie Bomb. Basically, it was revealed that you can actually use crash pads while dancing. This will allow you to fly far away from your enemy, thus giving you enough time to get back on your feet.

At the moment, many players are confused about if its a bug or not. If it is, then Epic will most likely patch it soon. Until then, you can simply make the best use of it to counter Boogie Bombs until they are back in the Vault again. Before you leave, also make sure to check out how to get the Stark Industries Energy Rifle in Fortnite.