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Fortnite Beginner’s Guide – Key Tips

Fortnite is a name everyone has heard at least once. If you haven’t, then you’ve been living under a rock. I mean, who doesn’t know about a game that absolutely dominated the battle royale scene? Even when Apex Legends and Warzone tried to compete with it, they just couldn’t keep up.

Fortnite Guide For Beginners

Epic Games released Fortnite in July 2017 and since then, the game has attracted millions of players every month. Its success can be seen from the fact that the game had 125 million players within its first year. Even though the game came out around three years ago, a lot of people are just getting started in it. If you’re one of them, then we’ll share some important things that can help you get started in it.

Know Where To Land

First things first, you need to understand where you should be landing. There are multiple locations on the map and all of them will offer a different kind of experience. Some locations will be filled with enemies upon landing, while others will make you feel lonely. However, the most crowded places are going to provide you with the best type of loot. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. But for the start, we’ll suggest you visit a less crowded area as you should focus on surviving first.


Try Out Every Weapon

In Fortnite, Epic Games has introduced a variety of different weapons and items that can help you out in your journey. You can carry a limited number of weapons at the same time, this is why you should know what to carry. You can find Assault Rifles, Snipers, SMGs, and many more as regular loot. In addition to this, all weapons have a rarity level, and the highest rarity level (Legendary) will offer the best stats.

If you pick up weapons without knowing anything about them, you won’t be able to properly hit your enemy. This is why it’s important to first try out every weapon you can find to know how it works. Once you get familiar with some of them, choose your favorite ones, and start practicing with them. This way, you’ll be able to know what to pick up and what to avoid.

Focus On Building

The thing which makes Fortnite different from other battle royale games is building. This feature gives you the luxury to build different structures such as walls, stairs, and much more in the middle of nowhere. But to do that, you need to get your hands on resources such as wood, brick, and metal. These can be collected by breaking down walls, trees, cars, etc.


Building can seem difficult at first, but it can become your best friend if you learn it properly. It can help you with getting creative as well since you’ll have complete freedom to create anything you want. The only downside about it is that you’ll be creating a lot of noise while gathering materials, something that can alert nearby enemies. Other than that, it is always wise to collect enough materials at the start of the match. You can build a staircase to reach the top of a mountain or building. You can even build a fortress to protect yourself from incoming bullets.

Don’t Always Engage

A common mistake new players make is that they always engage whenever they see an enemy going by. However, this should be not the case at all as you can end up getting killed because of this. What new players don’t realize is that they should focus on surviving first. Battle royales are all about winning, and you can’t do that if you constantly engage enemies. Your shots will basically attract all nearby enemies towards your location and while you will be busying looting your target, your enemies will take you down. Therefore, it is wise to wait it out. You’ll get plenty of action in the later stages of the game, so there’s no need to risk it at the start.


Finally, you must realize that it will take you weeks to get good at the game. You won’t become a pro player in just one day and you will get killed a lot of times before it. Therefore, just keep on practicing as much as you can and you’ll eventually reach your goal. We will suggest you also play with friends who are better players so that you can learn things from them.

This was our Fortnite beginner’s guide. We hope that it will help you out.

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