Call of Duty: Warzone Beginner’s Guide – Top Tips

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently ranked as one of the best battle royale games in the world. The game’s success can be seen from the fact that it attracted more than 50 million players within its first month. Call of Duty has always remained a popular series, and players just couldn’t hold themselves form trying out the battle royale.

Beginner’s Guide for Warzone

Even though Warzone was released around six months ago, there are still many players who are downloading the game for the first time. If you’re one of those, then make sure to read below to learn what the game is all about.

150 Player Lobby

To begin with, if you’ve been playing Apex Legends or Fortnite, then you’ll notice a lot of differences while playing Warzone. This is mainly because Apex Legends and Fortnite have an animated theme, while Warzone features a reality-based theme. Furthermore, it offers much bigger lobbies than them. Infinity Ward has made the game in such a way that it can handle 150 players in a single match. As for Apex and Fortnite, they feature lobbies containing 60 and 100 players respectively. Just like Apex Legends, Warzone also launched with a trios mode. Later on, they introduced a solo mode and a duos mode as well.

The Perfect Map

Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job of creating the perfect map for Warzone. The map is just the right size for 150 players as you will find space to loot things alone while encountering enemy squads from time to time. The developers have added different points of interest all across the map and all of them are filled with loot. However, the amount and type of loot depend upon the location itself. For instance, a normal point of interest will help you acquire regular loot, which can be found all across the map. But hot zones that are always swarming with enemies, can help you grab some top tier loot.

Weapons, Health, and Armor

In Warzone, you can choose from a wide range of different weapons. These weapons have their own rarity levels and all of them offer different stats. You can even customize your own loadout and use it by picking it up from the weapon drop. Other than that, your only option is to use weapons that are found as loot. If you’re lucky enough, then you might get your hands on a Legendary weapon. If not, then you’ll have to make the best use of the normal one.


It is always important to keep your health and armor up all the time in Warzone. Otherwise, you’ll become an easy target for your enemies. The best part about Warzone is that you don’t need to rely on medkits or bandages to get your health up. Instead, your health will automatically regenerate to full. The process might be a little slow, but you can always use a Stim Shot to heal faster. As for armor, you’ll need Armor Plates to get it up. Each Armor Plate will give you 50 armor, and you can carry around three Armor Plates at the same time.

The Gulag

The biggest difference between Warzone and other battle royale games is the Gulag. In other battle royale games, your teammates will have to revive you if you get eliminated. However, in Warzone, you get sent to the Gulag. This is the place where you will have a 1v1 match with another eliminated player, and the one who wins gets sent back to the match. If you don’t win, then you can either wait for your teammates to revive you at the buy station, or you can simply go back to the lobby to find another match.

Communication Through The Ping System

Communication is always important in battle royale games. Thankfully, in Warzone, you can communicate with your teammates without using the text or voice chat features. Just like Apex Legends, Warzone also has its very own Ping System. If you’re not comfortable with texting or voice chatting with your stranger teammates, then you can use this feature to communicate with them. For instance, you can use it to ping a certain weapon or let them know about the location of some enemy.

This was our beginner’s guide for Warzone. Keep in mind that these were just the basic things and you’ll need to spend some time in the game to know about every other feature.