Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Confirmed Snipers, LMGs, and Launchers

 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Confirmed Snipers, LMGs, and Launchers

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is all set to release in November. The game is easily one of the most anticipated titles of the year. And why wouldn’t it be? I mean, Call of Duty is one of the most popular video games series, and they treat their fans with a new game every year.

Recently, Treyarch gave us a closer look at the world of Black Ops Cold War through the multiplayer reveal trailer. The trailer revealed everything that we can expect to see in November, such as new maps and modes. In addition to this, we also got a closer look at some of the weapons. Previously, we talked about the Assault Rifles and SMGs that are featured in the upcoming game. And today, we’ll be sharing a list of confirmed Snipers, LMGs, and Launchers.

Black Ops Cold War Confirmed Snipers, LMGs, and Launchers

Snipers have always remained a popular pick in Call of Duty games. This is because they help you take down an enemy from far away. The best part is that some Snipers can even help you get a kill with only one shot. As for LMGs, they are an ideal choice for defending a point or for situations where you have to go full aggressive. Launchers, on the other hand, are here to help you take down powerful vehicles.

Black Ops Cold War

LW3-Tundra (Sniper)

The LW3-Tundra is one of the two Snipers that have been confirmed for Black Ops Cold War. It is a bolt-action Sniper and somewhat similar to what we have been seeing in the previous Call of Duty game. It has a clip size of 5 bullets, meaning that you will have to make every shot count. In addition to this, you will be able to take down your enemy with only one shot to the head or chest. However, you’ll need to practice your aim because if you miss a shot, then you might get killed while reloading.

Pelington 703 (Sniper)

The second Sniper that has been confirmed is the Pelington 703. Its stats are almost similar to the LW3-Tundra and it even has the same magazine size. However, its handling speed and rechambering speed is much better than the above-mentioned one. This is why the Pelington 703 is a somewhat better choice. However, we can’t say for sure until we try both of them out.


The RPD has always been a fan favorite LMG in both Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. The weapon is an ideal choice for times when you have to defend a certain point. The best part about the RPG is that it offers amazing accuracy along with a decent rate of fire. It comes packed with a 30 rounds magazine, which is enough to make your enemies go through hell.

Black Ops Cold War

Stoner 63 (LMG)

The second confirmed LMG for Black Ops Cold War is the Stoner 63, which was first seen in the original Black Ops game. This one is considered better than the RPD because it offers a higher rate of fire. Furthermore, its accuracy also happens to be better than it. So once you get your hands on this weapon, you wouldn’t think about switching to any other weapon.

Cigma 2 (Launcher)

At the moment, only one Launcher has been confirmed for Black Ops Cold War, the Cigma 2. For those who won’t know, the upcoming title will feature all sorts of killstreaks that will include helicopters, boats, tanks, and more. However, with the Cigma 2 in your hands, you won’t have to worry about them as its lock-on-system will help you take them down instantly. Killstreaks have always played an integral role in Call of Duty game, which is why it will be wise to have this Launcher in your arsenal.

These were all the Snipers, LMGs, and Launchers confirmed for Black Ops Cold War. Keep in mind that these were from the Alpha version of the game, meaning that we can expect to see more weapons in the final version. Starting today, players can jump into the Black Ops Cold War Open Alpha which will conclude on September 20. The Alpha is meant to test the game out for issues and errors before the final version comes out. You can try out three traditional game modes along with two maps in the Alpha.

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