Apex Legends Wattson Guide – Ultimate Support Character

 Apex Legends Wattson Guide – Ultimate Support Character

Apex Legends players were sure left excited when they were introduced to Wattson in season 2. This new character ended up changing how the game is played, and she is still the most defense focused character in Apex. Her abilities focus on supporting her teammates in rough times, something that is much needed in this battle royale.

Apex Legends Wattson Guide

Before we get into her abilities, we would first like to mention that Wattson tends to focus more on defensive situations rather than aggressive ones. So if you’re looking for a character that can help you bring hell down on your enemies, then you should be checking Bangalore or Gibraltar out. However, if you’re fine with being a support player in your squad, then you should proceed.

Passive Ability

To begin with, Wattson’s Passive ability is called Spark of Genius and it is only here to benefit one of her other powers. In other words, this ability gives you the luxury to charge Wattson’s Ultimate ability with only one Ultimate Accelerant. For those who don’t know, it usually takes multiple Ultimate Accelerants to charge it. In addition to this, this ability will also boost your Tactical ability recharge if you stand near any Interception Pylons.

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Other than the above-mentioned things, there is no other use of her Passive ability. While this may seem like something not that great compared to the Passive abilities of some other legends such as Revenant, it can actually help you a lot if you’re focusing solely on defense. Once you see how this can benefit the other abilities of Wattson, you’ll understand why its focus is mainly on the Ultimate.

Tactical Ability

Next up, we have her Tactical ability called Perimeter Security. This is the ability which made Wattson so popular, and it is one of the few ones in Apex that can help you create some amazing traps. It allows you to place nodes at your desired location and once connected, these nodes will become electrified fences. You can place up to 12 nodes on the map at one time, and if anyone other than you and your teammates passes through them, they will get slowed down while receiving a small amount of damage.

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The damage dealt by the fence is not that great, but they’re more of something that can help you with taking control of a building. If any enemy dares to step through them, you can take advantage of their slow movement to empty your clip on them. The only downside about these fences is that they can be taken down easily if anyone shoots at their base. This is why we’ll suggest you place them in a way that your enemies can’t see the nodes.

Ultimate Ability

Wattson’s Ultimate is called Interception Pylon and it can become your best friend on the battlefield. Not only does this pylon helps with keeping shields full, but it also makes sure to eliminate all nearby threats. Basically, if you stand near it, it will keep on charging your shield if it’s low. In addition to this, if anyone throws a grenade at you while you’re within the pylon’s effect radius, then you won’t receive any damage. in fact, you won’t even get damaged by Gibraltar’s or Bangalore’s Ultimates.

This Interception Pylon is perfect for those times when you are kind of in the open and have to other places to go. Its size is big enough for you to use it as a cover too. There isn’t anything that can help you more than this pylon in defensive situations. Especially in late-game situations, this pylon can help you secure a win as you won’t have to worry about popping batteries again and again. Also, make sure to have an Ultimate Accelerant in your backpack so that you can deploy another pylon right after the previous one gets taken down.

Best Teammates

Caustic and Lifeline are considered as the best teammates for Wattson. This is because Caustic can pair his Nox Gas Traps with the electric fences to build the ultimate traps. As for Lifeline, she can take care of the health of her squad while Wattson focuses on the shields.

This was our guide for playing better with Wattson in Apex Legends. Make sure to check out our guide for Mirage, Crypto, and Pathfinder before you leave.

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