Apex Legends Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Getting Started

 Apex Legends Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Getting Started

Apex Legends is a battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment which was released around one and a half years ago. It instantly became one of the top video games in its category as it was being played by more than 50 million players during its first month. Although it went through some problems a few months after its release because of why it lost a lot of players, Respawn managed to make things right again. In October 2019, the game’s player count was revealed to be 70 million, which has most probably increased to more than 100 million now.

Apex Legends Guide For Beginners

The thing about Apex Legends is that it is different from other battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite. The main reason is Apex tends to focus on a fast-paced environment where one wrong mistake can get you killed. Whereas in PUBG and Fortnite, things aren’t that complicated. If you’re someone who just downloaded Respawn’s battle royale, then we’ll share some important things that can help you with getting started.

Choose Your Legend

To begin with, you must choose a Legend for yourself. These are the in-game characters that you play with, and every Legend has a total of three abilities; Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. At the moment, there are a total of 14 different Legends in the game, with 6 of them available for free from the start. As for the rest, you have to spend 12,000 Apex Tokens each to unlock them.

Apex Legends

Considering every Legend is different from the other, it can be somewhat difficult for you to choose the right one. This is why we’ll suggest you first visit the training area with the already available Legends to try them out. As for the locked ones, you can simply see their gameplay videos on YouTube to check whether they suit your style or not. For instance, Octane can help you run faster, Bangalore can help you rain down missiles from the sky, Bloodhound can make you the ultimate hunter, and so on. Once you have made up your mind, we will suggest you fully learn at least three to four Legends.

Get Familiar With Weapons and Attachments

The best thing about the training area is that it allows you to test out every weapon and equipment that is present during the match. This is why we will suggest you spend some hours at the training area before heading onto the real action. The training area can help you get familiar with every weapon and its attachments. You can see the spray patterns of each weapon and learn how to control it easily. For those wondering, you can carry a total of two weapons at a time.

Always Keep Your Health and Shields Up

In Apex, there are multiple types of Shields and all of them offer a different level of protection. However, since you can get pretty quickly, it is always wise to keep your health and shields up at all times. You can heal yourself by using either Syringes or Medkits if you’re really low on health. On the other hand, Shield Cells and Shield Batteries can be used for restoring your Shield.

Apex Legends

Teamwork Is The Key To Success

Apex initially stared with a trios mode only, but Respawn later added a duos mode as well. The developers did test out a solo mode too, but they just couldn’t keep it permanently for some reason. Since you’ll always have one or two teammates with you during a match, it is important to stick with them. There is a reason Respawn launched the game with a trios mode, and that reason is teamwork. Every Legend has abilities that can assist their teammates in both offensive and defensive situations. Apex is the kind of game in which you can get killed easily if you’re wandering alone, therefore its always best to stick with your teammates.

Use The Ping System

The Ping System of Apex is a lifesaver as it has made everything easy. It allows you to communicate with your team without talking or typing. Basically, you can Ping multiple things throughout the match. For instance, you can let them know if there’s a certain weapon placed on the floor, or even alert them if you see an enemy.

This was our beginner’s guide for Apex Legends. We hope that it will help you out. Also, make sure to check out our Apex Legend’s One-Year Later Review before you leave.

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