Apex Legends is the kind of game in which teamwork is the key. There is a reason why the developers decided to go with a trios mode and not a solo one. You’re not meant to take on the whole enemy squad all by yourself as it can get brutal. However, there can be times when you’re entire team is eliminated and you have to handle everything on your own. You might also find yourself in a tight spot even if your whole team is alive.

Apex Legends 1v3 Tips

Taking on a whole squad in Apex Legends is not an easy task. Most of the time, if you’re not a pro player, you will most likely get eliminated within seconds. I mean, what else were you expecting while trying to take on a whole squad all by yourself? However, this can all change if you follow some golden tips shared by a user on Reddit.

Don’t Lose Hope

First things first, don’t lose hope. Remember that when an enemy squad will see you alone, they will try their best to take you down as quickly as possible. This is where they will feel overconfident and will rush you instantly. However, instead of just waiting for them to come and kill you or running away from them, it will be wise to make the best use of the cover and resources around you. The key rule is to make them think that you’re an easy target, but then pin them down. You can use your abilities to either create different diversions or reach different places quickly while dealing damage to them.

Apex Legends

Divide Them

Let’s face it, you just can’t take on the entire squad at the same time. This is why it is important to try to divide and split them as it will be much easier for you to handle one or two players at the same time. For this purpose, we will also suggest you carry a long and a mid-ranged weapon in your kit. This will allow you to engage in different distances. To split them up, we will suggest you keep on running until one of them takes a different route to approach you.

Don’t Wait To Kill

In a 1v3 situation, your first priority should be to eliminate one player as quickly as you can. If you knock a player down, you should eliminate him as quickly as possible. Otherwise, if you leave him in a downed state, then one player will handle you while the other will revive his downed teammate. Therefore, never think about finishing off a downed enemy at a later stage. This will also make things easier for you as you’ll then have to take on only two players.

High Ground Is Your Secret Weapon

High ground will always serve in your favor. This is because you’ll be able to see where your enemies are and which points you can use as cover. I personally have taken down many enemies while being on high ground as they become an easy target. You can also play some tricks with the enemy squad to confuse them where you’re going. And just when they think you’re gone from the place, strike them!

Apex Legends

Be Aggressive, But Defensive As Well

The final golden tip suggested by the Reddit user is to be aggressive and defensive at the same time. You have to make sure that you are properly utilizing the cover. If you keep on hiding behind the cover, then the enemy squad will just rush towards your location and eliminate you within seconds. Similarly, if you’re not behind cover, then you will become an easy target. Therefore, make sure to keep a balance between both things.

Finally, what a tip I’d like to share is you should know when to back off. There can be times when you just can’t take on the enemy squad all by yourself at that moment. Therefore, it is wise to back off and run away at that time so that you can prepare yourself to take them on at a later stage. Apex is all about surviving until the end, and you must keep this as your first priority. But if you get into a situation where you just can’t make an escape, then keep your mind at ease and make quick decisions. If you’re someone who is just getting started in Apex, then make sure to check out our beginner’s guide as well.