Apex Legends Season 6 – Top Weapons For This Season

 Apex Legends Season 6 – Top Weapons For This Season

Respawn Entertainment has given Apex Legends players the luxury to choose from more than twenty weapons. There are multiple types of weapons available such as Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, etc, and all of them are unique in their own way. Since the game’s release, the developers have introduced new weapons and have made changes to the already existing ones. This is why the meta is never the same.

Apex Legends Top Season 6 Weapons

As for Season 6, Respawn once again made certain changes to weapons. There is a new weapon called the Volt SMG, while the R-99 has been made a care package weapon. Other than that, the Devotion Heavy Machine Gun has finally returned. Considering these changes, we’ll be talking about some of the top weapons you should use in this season. Keep in mind that we won’t be mentioning the care package weapons on our list as they’re already known to be the most powerful ones.

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The Prowler was once my personal favorite weapon, but it later didn’t felt the same. However, it is still one of the top weapons in Apex because of how powerful it is. For instance, if you accurately land its five burst shot onto an enemy, it will deal 75 damage. This means that you can take your enemy down in only two hits. Furthermore, if you attach the Select-Fire hop-up to it, then you will be able to cover it into a fully-auto weapon. In fact, it becomes better than most of the fully-auto weapons available on the map.


The R-301 has been a popular peak since the release of Apex Legends. This is mainly because its performance is simply amazing in both close and mid-range battles. In addition to this, even if you’re new to the game, you won’t have to spend a lot of time learning this weapon as it’s simple and easy to use. Back in Season 3, Respawn introduced the Anvil Receiver hop-up for it, which was later removed in Season 5. However, despite going through various changes, the R-301 still stands strong and is easily one of the top weapons in Apex Legends.


The Wingman is yet another weapon that has always shined since February 2019. If you’re looking for something that can help you take down your enemy with only a few shots, then the Wingman is the right choice. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that this weapon is only made for those who can land their shots accurately. In Season 5, Respawn reduced its headshot damage scale from 2.1 to 2.0, but with the return of Skullpiercer hop-up in Season 6, this won’t bother you that much.

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The Mastiff was once a care package weapon only. However, this changed in Season 5 when the Peacekeeper took its place. From that day onwards, the Mastiff has been present on the map as regular loot and has become the fan-favorite Shotgun. The weapon is deadly at close range as it can deal 104 damage to the chest and a hefty 128 damage to the head. Even though you will have to spend some time with it in the training area, you will dominate every match with it.

Volt SMG

The Volt SMG is the newest weapon to get added to Apex Legends. Even though it was leaked in the game’s files many seasons ago, this energy SMG arrived in Season 6. Within only a few days of the latest season, the Volt SMG ended up becoming one of the most picked up weapons. This was also because of the R-99 getting sent to the care package. The thing which almost every player loves about it is its high damage per minute. In addition to this, the weapon offers low recoil, something which makes it easier to use. In any case, you should definitely give the Volt SMG a try as it might become your next favorite weapon.

These were some of the top weapons in Apex Legends Season 6. Keep in mind that the choice varies from players to players, so some of you might find another weapon better than these ones. So far, Respawn has no plans to bring any further changes to weapons in this season. However, if they do, then we’ll make sure to update our list.

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