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Apex Legends Season 6 Tips – Make Your Movement Better

Apex Legends is the type of battle royale that tends to focus more on a fast-paced environment. This means that playing slow can make you a burden on your teammates. Furthermore, you’ll also become an easy target for your enemies. This is why the key to success in Apex is always staying on the move. Today, we’ll be talking about some things that can help you with improving your movement in Apex Legends Season 6.

Apex Legends Movement Guide

In Apex, you can sprint, jump, slide, and do a lot more when it comes to movement. They are something that don’t only come handy while you’re moving around, but also during gunfights, looting, and more. This is why its necessary to recognize the importance of movement in Apex and then improve it to stay ahead of everyone else.

Turn Around First

Reloading is a part of gunfights. However, reloading at the wrong time can get your killed. As for Apex, gunfights can become pretty intense and you sometimes even can’t find the time to reload properly. But if the need arises, then we will suggest you do this after your turn around. This will basically reduce your hitbox size, thus making it a little difficult for your enemies to hit you. Switching to your secondary weapon is always a better option as you will stay engaged with a fight a little longer.

Apex Legends

Don’t Stay Still

Some new, and even old players, make the mistake of staying still during gunfights. They think that they have to focus only one emptying their clip on the enemy. However, this is not the case at all as they’re the ones who will get eliminated. This is because if you stay still during a gunfight, you instantly become an easy target. Your enemy will be able to hit you easily without moving from here to there. This is why it is important to keep on moving a little bit during a gunfight. It’s best to shift from one angle to another so that your enemy can’t easily hit you.

Sliding Is Your Bestfriend

Sliding is perhaps one of the most amazing things about Apex. While it may seem like a fun thing and all, it can actually help you out with staying ahead of others. Whenever you’re running down the slope, it will be best to slide your way down as you’ll reach the bottom much more quickly. Even while running on straight ground, you can keep on sliding to keep up a good speed. Jumping after sliding is also a good way to keep your forward momentum.

Loot Within Seconds

Another mistake players make is that they loot too slowly. They just go straight to a death box, stand there, and loot without a worry in their mind. However, what they don’t realize is that they are in the most danger while looting. They cannot see properly during the looting process, therefore it is wise to keep moving left to right quickly while looting. In addition to this, you should stand beside a death box for a few seconds only as anything above will increase your chances of getting killed.

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Set The Buttons Right

If you’re playing on a Console or with a controller, then switching the crouch button to your right stick can make things better for you. It might feel awkward at first, but your movement will become better after you get used to it.

Always Stay On The Move

Finally, just keep on moving. There shouldn’t be a time when you’re being a slowpoke as this can affect both you and your teammates. Therefore, make the best use of movement mechanics to blaze through the maps. Also, keep an eye on the circle and where it’s closing. If you’re being slow, then you can also get caught outside the circle, something that can even result in your death. Even if you don’t get killed b the circle, you might end up meeting an enemy squad right after getting inside it. And trust me, you won’t be in the state to fight against them.

These were some tips that can improve your movement in Apex Legends Season 6. If you’re new to Apex, then you can also check out our beginner’s guide to get familiar with how things work in this battle royale.

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