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Apex Legends Rampart Guide – The Best Modder

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Apex Legends’ latest season has brought Rampart to the game. This new character has instantly become a popular pick because of her unique and interesting abilities. The thing about Rampart is that she was previously believed to be a male character. However, everyone was left surprised after she was revealed officially for the first time.

Apex Legends Rampart Guide

Just like every other Legend in the game, Rampart also has three abilities in her arsenal. Although she may look like a sweetheart, her abilities make her one of the most aggressive characters in the entire game. She is not only for engaging purposes but can also prove to be useful during defensive situations. Today, we are going to talk about her abilities and how you should use them.

Passive Ability

Rampart’s Passive ability is called Modded Loader and is the only one of its kind. if you’re playing as Rampart, then thanks to her Passive, you will have some advantages while using Light Machine Guns. For instance, you will get an increased magazine size with every LMG, which means that you will have the luxury to fire longer than usual. In addition to this, you will also be able to reload much more quickly.

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Modded Loader also works with Rampart’s Ultimate Sheila, which we’ll talk about later. This Passive basically turns her into a war machine as she can use LMGs to either engage a squad of enemies or defend a certain point. We all know how advantageous it is to have more bullets in an LMG. In addition to this, it normally takes some time to reload an LMG in Apex, but you don’t have to worry about this party while playing as Rampart.

Tactical Ability

As for her Tactical ability, its called Amped Cover and it is an interesting one. You can pretty much guess from its name that it allows you to place a cover. However, there is much more to it. The ability will allow you to place a wall that will be equal to the height of you when crouched. It also has enough width to let you move freely.

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Now, here comes the interesting part. The cover is divided into two parts. The lower part is made of metal and has 400 HP. As for the upper part, it is a glowing light which has around 200 HP and offers an amped effect. In other words, it will block bullets that will hit it but will also boost the damage of those that you will fire from the inside. You can place around three covers at the same time, thus providing you the luxury to create a mini fortress.

Ultimate Ability

Finally, we have Emplaced Minigun Shiela, which is Rampart’s Ultimate ability. It is the only ability in Apex Legends that lets you set up a weapon. Rampart’s Ultimate can help you set up a mounted minigun at your desired location. The best part is that you can place a total of three miniguns at the same time, meaning that your entire squads can have one each. But when Rampart’s using it, then she will have increased magazine size and reload speed thanks to her Passive.

The thing which I personally love about Sheila is that it offers high ammo capacity. But this comes at the cost of greater reload time. The minigun is not that easy to control, so you will have to practice a lot with it in the training area. However, once you get a hold of it, you’ll be able to make your enemies go through hell with it. In order to make it more powerful, you can use it alongside Amped Cover. Placing three miniguns behind three of these covers will surely make you unstoppable.

Best Teammates

Personally, I think Bangalore and Wraith are the best teammates for Rampart. This is because Bangalore can use her smoke grenades to confuse her enemies and make missiles rain over them while you’re busy pinning them down with Sheila. As for Wraith, she can provide an escape route for her teammates when things get out of hands.

This was our guide for how to perform better with Rampart in Apex Legends. Make sure to check our guides for Wattson, Pathfinder, and Caustic before you leave.