Apex Legends Players Might Get To See Skull Town Again

 Apex Legends Players Might Get To See Skull Town Again

Skull Town is one of the most popular drop locations in Apex Legends, or it was. The location was torn off from the map some time ago, something which left a lot of players disappointed. First, we got to see Kings Canyon going away, which eventually made a return after some time. And then, our favorite location got destroyed. However, it seems like Skull Town is not gone forever.

Apex Legends Skull Town’s Downfall

For those who don’t know, Skull Town was a hot drop location that was always swarming with players. If you land there at the start of a match, you would easily come across two or three enemy squads. Everyone just loved how action would take place within a few seconds. This is why it was the favorite location of many players. However, as a part of Season 5 map changes, Skull Town was destroyed and was replaced by the Broken Coast. Although the new location is pretty amazing too, it just can’t provide the same feels.

The closest we got to seeing Skull Town again was during the Kings Canyon After Dark LTM that took place recently. The LTM was a part of the ongoing September Soiree event and it gave players another chance to try out the original map in night mode. However, it featured the old version of the map, meaning that we got to see Skull Town again. Other than this, we haven’t seen Skull Town since Season 5.

It Might Return Again

If you’re someone whose been wanting to know if the location will ever return, then we have something for you. Recently, while speaking to Gamasutra, the game’s design director ‘Jason McCord’ claimed that they are thinking of ways to reintroduce the location, but this time in a more healthy way. Skull Town has caused some issues to the game’s meta. This is why the developers want to make sure it benefits the “game overall” this time.

While McCord claimed that he has no idea about how he’ll bring the location back again, he mentioned that he’ll “be thinking on it.” The developers are well aware of how popular Skull Town was as it was difficult for them to take it away during Season 5. McCord claimed that during their discussions about how they wanted to update Kings Canyon in Season 5, everything they thought about got “overshadowed by Skull Town.” At the moment, it is yet to be confirmed whether it will return permanently or as a part of an LTM. All we can do is wait and see what McCord has in mind for the battle royale.

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