Apex Legends Loba Guide – Become A Master Thief

 Apex Legends Loba Guide – Become A Master Thief

Loba is one of the latest characters go get added to Apex Legends. She made her way to the game in Season 5, and players instantly fell in love with this thief because of her unique personality. We actually got our first glimpse at her during Revenant’s reveal trailer prior to season 4, but she was just a little girl by then.

Apex Legends Loba Guide

Loba’s parents were killed by the Revenant, and she entered the Apex Games for revenge. She is a master thief, and you can use her abilities to get your hands on some of the best loot present on the map. Today, we are going to talk about her abilities along with how you can use them.

Passive Ability

To begin with, Loba’s Passive ability is called Eye for Quality, and it is one of my personal favorite Passive abilities in the game. For a guy like me who’s always on the watch for some top-tier loot, this ability is a big time saver. Basically, it lets you see both Epic and Legendary loot through the walls. This ability is handy during the start of a match as it can help you get an advantage over others.

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Whenever you pass by a building or supply bin, you will get to see if there is anything purple or golden inside. The best thing about this is that from the outline, you’ll know what that item is. This is why you can save a lot of time by avoiding going in there if its something you don’t want. You can also help your team with gathering Epic and Legendary loot quickly thanks to this ability.

Tactical Ability

Next up, we have her Tactical ability called Burglar’s Best Friend. This can help you teleport to your desire location quickly. Although the range might not that be great, it can still prove to be useful during multiple situations. For instance, there are times when you have to get to the top of a building but can’t afford to go all the way around. This is where this ability can help you out. In addition to this, you can also use it to escape critical situations.

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Loba can teleport by throwing her Jump Drive bracelet to a location. The only downside is its lengthy animation that takes place during the process. Even though it’s only a few seconds, you are not allowed to use any weapons during it. This is why it can be somewhat easy for your enemies to take you down while you’re trying to teleport to a location. You can’t also afford to throw the bracelet at the wrong location while escaping a situation as you’ll have to wait another 30 seconds to throw it again.

Ultimate Ability

As for her Ultimate ability, its called Black Market Boutique and it is yet another ability in Loba’s arsenal that focuses on gathering loot. It is the only ability in the entire game that can help you with seeing all the nearby items in one place. Basically, you can place a portable device wherever you want and it will teleport all the nearby loot towards itself. Considering it has a radius of 80 meters, you must be careful about where you place it.

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When the device is placed, you and your teammates can grab two items each from it. The only downside about the Black Market is that your enemies can use it as well. Therefore, once you are done using it, it will be a wise decision to destroy it so that no one else can benefit from it. You can do this by standing near the device and performing a melee on it.

Best Teammates

Bangalore and Gibraltar are considered as the best teammates for Loba. This is because both of them are aggressive characters, and Loba can help them grab the things they need quickly. As you can see above, Loba isn’t the kind of character who can charge directly towards her enemies with her abilities. Instead, she can use them to assist her teammates.

This was our guide for how to play better with Loba in Apex Legends. Make sure to check out our guide for Octane, Pathfinder, and Wattson before you leave.

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