Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide – Abilities and Best Teammates

 Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide – Abilities and Best Teammates

Apex Legends players have witnessed changes to many characters since the game’s release. The developers have either increased the power of characters who were weak or have nerfed those who were just too overpowered. All of this has been done to bring balance to the game, and it even ended up making some characters popular. One of these characters is Gibraltar.

Apex Legends Gibraltar

For those who don’t know, Gibraltar wasn’t a popular pick when the game was released. Most players avoided picking him, and those who did only wanted to try him out. This was mainly because of his huge size as he was an easy target for his enemies. However, all of this changed when Respawn Entertainment introduced a new passive for him which reduced the amount of incoming damage he takes. This ended up bringing balance to his hitbox, and he became one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends. Today, we are going to talk about his abilities along with when and how you should use them.

Passive Ability

First off, we have Gibraltar’s Passive ability called Gun Shield. As its name suggests, this ability pops out a glowing shield in front of you whenever you aim down sights. The shield is big enough to cover your front and will protect you from incoming shots. While you will be able to fire through the shield, your enemies will have to deal 50 damage to it in order to break it. Before that, they won’t be able to damage your standard shield and health.

Apex Legends

The best part about this shield is that it won’t let the final shot damage you. For instance, if someone fires a round from the Kraber at you, then it will only destroy the gun shield while your regular shield and health will remain intact. This is a good thing considering a shot from Kraber deals 125 damage and the shield only has 50 HP. As mentioned before, Gibraltar also has another Passive ability called Fortified, which reduces incoming damage by 15%. This ability is shared by Caustic who also happens to have a huge hitbox.

Tactical Ability

Gibraltar’s Tactical ability is called Dome of Protection and it is one of the most useful abilities for combat. You can basically throw a small generator looking thing on the ground in front of you and a Dome-Shield will appear. This shield will protect you and your teammates from all incoming damage and it will not get destroyed under any circumstances. However, aside from teammates, your enemies will also have the luxury to pass through the shield. Therefore, you must be really careful while inside it.

What some players don’t know is that there is something special about this shield. If you or your teammates are inside the Dome, then you will be able to use healing items 25% faster. The Dome will last for around 12 seconds, and you will then have to wait for 30 seconds before you can deploy another one. It is perfect for situations when you are using the Respawn Beacon or are reviving your teammates. The only downside about it is that it will be visible from far away because of its glowing nature.

Ultimate Ability

Finally, we have his Ultimate ability called Defensive Bombardment. This is one of the only two abilities in all of Apex that can create havoc within seconds, the other one belonging to Bangalore. Basically, you can mark a specific location by throwing the device in your hand and missiles will rain down on that location. These missiles will deal damage to anyone caught inside their radius, even if you’re inside it. Therefore, it is always best to keep a safe distance before calling the missiles down.

Apex Legends

The only thing which some players don’t like about this Ultimate is that it fails to cover a big radius like Bangalore’s Ultimate. Other than that, it is an ability that can make the enemy team back up a little bit. After you make missiles rain from the sky, you will have to wait for 3 minutes before you can use the Ultimate again.

Best Teammates

Lifeline and Bangalore are considered as the best teammates for Gibraltar. This is because you can place your Dome Shield on Lifeline’s healing drone, something that will allow you to move it around. As for Bangalore, she can combine her abilities with Gibraltar to have an upper hand in both offensive and defensive situations.

This was our guide for becoming a better player with Gibraltar. Make sure to check out our guides for Octane, Wraith, and Pathfinder before you leave.

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