Apex Legends season 3 introduced Crypto to the game. He instantly became a popular pick because of his unique and interesting abilities. Everyone wanted to try him out after he destroyed the Repulsor tower at the end of season 2, something which resulted in the destruction of Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Crypto Guide

Crypto’s abilities focus on tracking down enemy squads and identifying them from far away. Just like Bloodhound, he’s also a recon character. But while Bloodhound takes a rather aggressive approach towards his enemies, Crypto is the complete opposite. In fact, he kind of helps his teammates with getting more kills. Today, we will be talking about his abilities along with when and how you should be using them. Before we get into this, keep in mind that all of his abilities are linked to his Drone.

Passive Ability

Crypto’s Passive ability is called Neurolink. This ability basically lets Crypto’s drone highlight all the enemies that it sees. The best part about this is that all three members of the squad are able to see the highlighted enemies. In other words, without this ability, his drone wouldn’t be so useful.

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Crypto’s drone can detect enemies up to a distance of 30m. This is enough considering it keeps you at a safe distance from the highlighted squads. However, keep in mind that your enemies can hear the drone flying over them, and they will most likely know you’re near. This is why it will be wise to engage as soon as you know their location.

Tactical Ability

Next up, we have his Tactical ability called the Surveillance Drone. As its name suggests, this ability allows him to deploy a drone through which he can easily detect enemies that are far away. The thing which I personally love about this is that you can easily switch between Crypto and his drone. The best part is your drone will keep on highlighting enemies that appear in front of him even if you aren’t piloting it.

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The drone is useful for times when you want to plan out the attack as it can help you with knowing the exact location of the enemy squad. Moreover, you can scout around for different things that you can use for cover. There is one major downside about this drone, which involves it getting taken down by only one shot. That’s right, it only has 1 HP, thus making it fairly weak. This means that you will have to be really careful while this thing around your enemies. After your drone gets taken down, you will have to wait for 40 seconds before you can deploy another one.

Ultimate Ability

Crypto’s Ultimate ability is called Drone EMP and it can turn the tables if used right. It lets you charge an EMP blast from your drone, which ends up dealing 50 shield damage while slowing enemies down. Most players make the mistake of not using this ability properly, but in my opinion, it’s one of the most useful ones out there.

As the EMP blast covers a great distance and can slow enemies down while dealing with 50 shield damage, you can use this chance for a great attack. Your enemies won’t know what hit them after they are struck by the EMP, and this will be the perfect time for your squad to bring down hell on them. However, make sure to use the EMP only when all three members of the enemy squad are within the radius. Otherwise, things might get a bit difficult for you.

Best Teammates

Mirage and Bloodhound are considered as the best teammates for Crypto. This is because both of them are strategic characters and won’t slow Crypto down. For instance, Crypto and Bloodhound can use their tracking abilities to detect nearby enemies, while Mirage can flank them without them even knowing.

This was our guide for how to play with Crypto properly in Apex Legends. Make sure to practice with the drone in the firing range so that you can learn how to fly it properly. Your drone will be visible to everyone, so make sure to keep a safe distance from all enemy squads. Before you leave, do check out our guide for Wraith, Pathfinder, and Revenant.