Apex Legends Crossplay Release Pushed To October, Leaker Claims

 Apex Legends Crossplay Release Pushed To October, Leaker Claims

Apex Legends players have been waiting for crossplay to arrive since the game’s release. Even though the feature is one of the most requested ones, developer Respawn has always remained silent about it. There have only been a few times when they have talked about crossplay, but they never revealed any major details. Because of this reason, we have to rely on data miners who find important information through the game’s files.

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Some days ago, it was reported that Apex Legends crossplay will go live on September 15. Some leaks claimed that the feature will go live along with an in-game event called Aftermarket. However, we are now 6 days ahead of the mentioned date and there is still no official word about the Aftermarket event or crossplay. Instead of them, Respawn has introduced the September Soiree event which is scheduled to feature multiple LTMs, the first one being Armed and Dangerous. And now, a prominent data miner has given us a new release date for crossplay.

Apex Legends Crossplay Release Date

As per Shrugtal, the Aftermarket event and crossplay have been delayed to October. For those who don’t know, Shrugtal is one of the most trusted Apex Legends data miners out there who has previously leaked multiple things. In addition to this, he is the very data miner who leaked information about the upcoming event and crossplay. In his YouTube video, the data miner claimed that the Aftermarket event was meant to go live on September 15. However, because of delays with features that were to arrive with the event such as crossplay, it has now been pushed back.

Shrugtal went on to talk about how various development issues might have caused Respawn to push back the release date of the Aftermarket event and crossplay. In the end, he claimed that the new release date is October 13. He added that this release date was discovered in the game’s files as multiple things pointed towards it.

One thing to keep in mind here is that we should take this information with a pinch of salt. Nothing can be said for sure until Respawn officially confirms it. Shrugtal also talked about a Halloween event that will go live after the Aftermarket event. Just like the previous Halloween event, we can expect to see some amazing skins through it. In addition to this, a night-mode LTM can also become available during it.

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