Apex Legends players will be excited to know that cross-play might be arriving sooner than they think. That’s right, if you’re someone whose eagerly waiting to play Apex Legends with a friend who’s on a different platform, then this might become a reality soon all thanks to major information leaked by data miners.

Apex Legends Cross-Play Update

Respawn’s battle royale is one of the many multiplayer games that weren’t launched with the cross-play feature. For those who don’t know, this feature allows players from different platforms to play together. It basically decays the barrier of being on different platforms. For instance, if the game supports cross-play, then players on PC, PS4, Xbox One, etc, can play together.

As for Apex, there have been some times when the developers have talked about cross-play and have revealed how excited they are to bring this feature onboard. However, they are yet to reveal exactly when this feature is going to arrive since they have been silent about it for quite some time. We even didn’t get to see anything during the launch of Season 6, which has left many players wondering if they’ll get to see it soon or not.

Possible Release Date

While we wait for an official statement to arrive, data miners are busy trying to get their hands on some exclusive information through the game’s files. Thankfully, Shrugtal managed to find some interesting things regarding cross-play in the game’s code. For those who don’t know, Shrugtal is a reliable and popular Apex Legends data miner who has previously managed to leak many things.

As per his research, cross-play will work using EADP (Electronic Arts Digital Platform) in Apex Legends. This will basically let players use some other platform to send requests to their friends instead of using the game’s own system. This also means that we will get to see a new UI system for friend requests, game invites, and everything else related to it.

We also recently saw that a brand new Club feature was leaked during Apex Legends Season 6 Devstream. This feature was shown accidentally and no developer talked about it. At the moment, it is yet to be revealed whether this feature has something to do with cross-play or not. Some content creators are thinking that we might get to see cross-play on September 15, the day on which a collection event is expected to go live. However, nothing can be said for sure until Respawn officially confirms this.