Apex Legends Season 6 is turning out to be a really great season for players as it is bringing more and more for them every week. Just recently, they got to enjoy Kings Canyon Night Mode, which has always remained a popular request. And now, Respawn has decided to bring an old popular LTM back to the game.

Starting today, Apex Legends players can enjoy the Armed and Dangerous LTM. For those who don’t know, this is a mode that has already been introduced in the game but is now making a return as a part of September’s Soiree. The mode was first seen during the Voildwalker event that was held in September 2019.

Armed and Dangerous Mode

The Armed and Dangerous mode basically makes the player focus only on long and close-ranged combat as it removes every weapon type except Snipers and Shotguns from the map. You can find every Sniper and Shotgun scattered across the map as regular loot. This is the very thing that made this mode so popular as Apex players are always looking for tough challenges.

September Soiree is also bringing back skins from the Grand Soiree event. So if you previously missed grabbing your favorite skin from the event, this is your chance. The skins are now available in the in-game store and there are multiple bundles up for sale. At the moment, there are skins for Pathfinder, Bangalore, Octane, Wattson, and Bloodhound. In addition to this, you can also find multiple weapon skins for the Hemlok, Spitfire, R-99, and G-7 Scout.

For those trying to get their hands on Bangalore’s Grand Soiree Skin, keep in mind that you can only get it through the Viceroy Bundle. In addition to this, you can also get your hands on a new Legendary Bundle which offers a Legendary Pathfinder Gun Char, a Legendary Apex Pack, and a total of seven regular Apex Packs. All of this is available for just 700 Apex Coins.

What’s Next?

Aside from all this, you will see two new LTM’s as a part of the September Soiree event. This year’s Soiree will basically conclude in October and before it ends, you will see DUMMIE’s Big Day followed by LIVE. DIE. Live. For those who don’t know, these two modes have already made an appearance months ago. DUMMIEs Big Day was previously meant to be the first LTM for the September Soiree event but was later shifted because of a bug.