Warzone Tips and Tricks: How To Perform Better With A Helicopter

 Warzone Tips and Tricks: How To Perform Better With A Helicopter

Warzone is the type of battle royale that lets you take control of different vehicles. From Quadbikes to Armored Trucks, the game offers it all. However, the most popular vehicle in the entire game is the Helicopter. But what most players don’t realize is that they can actually use it to get a lot of kills.

Warzone Helicopters

In Warzone, players can find a number of Helicopters spawned at different locations across the map. However, you instantly become the center of attention as soon as you get in the air. Everyone can see a Helicopter flying around and they will try their very best to take you down. But if you learn how to use it properly, the Helicopter can help you dominate the entire match. Today, we will be talking about the things you can do to make the best use of this high-valued vehicle.

Get To The Chopper

First, you must know where the Helicopter spawns. Since this vehicle is considered as one of the most amazing ones, everyone is eager to get in it. At the moment, the Helicopter spawns at eight different locations on the map, and a lot of players are aware of these locations. This is the very reason why you should land near the spawn location as quickly as you can so that you can get into the chopper before anyone else. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to engage in some gunfights before you can reach the sky.

The Blades Aren’t Just For Flying

Some Warzone players are unaware of the fact that the blades present on the top of the Helicopter aren’t just for flying. In fact, some creative players decided to put them at better use. We saw them approaching players who were parachuting and eliminating them using the Helicopter’s blades. Other than this, you can also do this to the enemies present on the ground by landing the Helicopter directly on them. But this will end up destroying your Helicopter too, so its best to chase enemies who are dropping from the sky as they are easy targets.

Switch Seats For Quick RPG Kills

Solo players have a big advantage while flying a Helicopter as they can quickly switch seats since they aren’t occupied by anyone. However, what some players don’t know is that this can help you with getting quick kills with an RPG. While flying a Helicopter, your main focus should be to spot enemies that you can take down in the air. As soon as you locate an opponent either driving a vehicle or running in some direction, you should quickly switch to the seat which falls in his direction and then shoot an RPG towards him. This will also help you with recording some quick kill clips.

Know When To Exit

There are going to be times when you will have to exit your Helicopter. Either you’re Helicopter will be low on health, or you will be stuck in a situation where you can no longer continue flying. This is where you will have to make the decision of bagging in one more kill. The simplest and easiest way to do this is by flying straight in the direction of an enemy and existing the Helicopter after you have successfully angled it in his direction. Your Helicopter will cause an explosion as soon as it hits the ground, and it will end up securing a kill for you if the enemy gets caught inside its radius.

Keep The Helicopter Alive

Keeping your Helicopter alive is going to be a really difficult task. This is because Helicopters tend to create a lot of noise and are an easy target for players on the ground. Aside from this, every enemy will be aware of the benefits you have in the sky, so all of them are going to try their best to take you down. This is why you should avoid anything that puts your vehicle in danger. For instance, there are drones that can instantly take your Helicopter down, so avoid colliding with them. Secondly, if you get locked on, make sure to use the Flair to prevent the missile from hitting you.

These were some tips and tricks that can help you perform better with a Helicopter in Warzone. We hope that this is going to help you out. Also, make sure to check out five things that can improve your overall Warzone gameplay.

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