Valorant: 5 Features Every Player Wants To See


Its been two months since Valorant was officially released, and millions of players from all over the world are currently enjoying it. Valorant is Riot’s first attempt at making an FPS title, and they sure have done a remarkable job with it. The game was first revealed last year, with a closed beta for it being held in April. After only two months, Valorant came out of its beta stage and became available for everyone.

5 Features We Want In Valorant

While the developers have made sure that the game has all the top features, there still room for more of them. Riot Games has been listening to the feedback of the community, but they still have a lot to add. Today, we will be talking about some big features that Riot Games should add in Valorant.

A Fifth Map

At the moment, Valorant players have the luxury to play in a total of four maps. While this number might seem good, many players have been requesting Riot to add a fifth map. The biggest reason why players want to see a fifth map is to bring balance to the competitive Best-Of-Five theme. In other words, if a fifth map gets added, then the same teams won’t have to play on the same map twice. A new map is also going to give a fresh feeling to the game. The thing which some players don’t like about Valorant is that it doesn’t feature community-made maps like CS:GO. This is why players can only rely on the developers for this part.

Replay System

In most multiplayer games, there exists a replay system through which players can review their demos after the match. However, even though Valorant has been out for two months now, the developers are yet to introduce this system in the game. If you’re someone who plays Valorant and is looking for a way to review your demos, then this can only be done if you record your gameplay by using third-party software. Valorant does have a spectating system that was even present in the closed beta, but the lack of time controls and other options makes it pretty much useless.

Changes to Sound Design

Every day, we see that players in the Valorant community are always complaining about something. However, the thing they complain about the most is the game’s sound design. This issue is something that is never highlighted on the top and often gets ignored. But in reality, its something really big. Many players have complained that they often find it difficult to tell whether their enemy is approaching from the right or left. This is the reason why they have to rely on map layouts most of the time. While Riot once claimed that they are trying their best to overcome this issue, we haven’t seen any progress so far.

In-Game Tournaments Like Clash

In multiplayer games, players are always looking for ways to show off their skills to the rest of the world while winning different prizes. This can happen in Valorant if the developers introduce in-game tournaments in it. Riot Games previously added this in League of Legends through the Clash feature. This has allowed League players to enjoy a number of prizes. CS:GO already has services like FACEIT and ESEA, and its time Valorant gets something for itself too. If Valorant does end up featuring in-game tournaments, then a lot of players will surely start enjoying the game more.

In Valorant, you mostly won’t be jumping into direct confrontations — instead, you’ll creep around corners to try landing a sneaky shot.

Community-Made Maps

The final thing players want Riot Games to add in Valorant are community-made maps. As mentioned before, CS:GO players already enjoy this luxury and is one of the best things out there. Community-made maps will allow Valorant players to become more creative and to have more space to play. This feature had a lot of success in CS:GO, and there isn’t any reason why it won’t in Valorant. If Riot does include this feature, then the game’s player base will definitely increase.

These were 5 features every player want to see in Valorant. At the moment, all we can do is wait and see if the developers will work on any of them or not. Considering the game is new, Riot won’t do anything to disappoint its fans. They have already introduced a number of new features in the game and will most likely continue to do so. Also, make sure to check out the best Agents for Solo Ranked before you leave.