Fortnite Stark Industries Energy Rifle – How To Get It


Epic Games is well known for collaborating with different organizations to give Fortnite players a chance to try out something new. Their most popular collaboration has always been with Marvel, thanks to which we have even seen some in-game events which even included playing as Thanos. Recently, Fortnite players got to see another amazing event that features loot from the Marvel universe.

Since the past few weeks, there were many rumors and speculations going around claiming that Fortnite players will soon enjoy a new in-game event in Season 4. Now, Epic Games has cleared these rumors as Fortnite Season 4: Nexus War went live a few days back, and players are absolutely enjoying to the fullest. For those who don’t know, this event has once again brought some of the top heroes and villains from the Marvel universe to Fortnite.

Stark Industries Energy Rifle in Fortnite

Players will get to see multiple things that will represent the central theme of the event. For instance, the lobby screen now shows the Helicarrier, while there is a new point of interest for Doctor Doom. This new point of interest includes different changes to Pleasant Park. However, the thing which has left most players excited is the new Stark Industries Energy Rifle.

How To Get It

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of the Stark Industries Energy Rifles, then you must pay a visit to the crash site of Stark Quinjets. There are multiple crash sites present on the map and they are marked as blue smoke. You can visit any of them and then defeat the group of Stark Bots that will appear to get your hands on the rifle. The Bots will basically drop the weapon, and you can simply pick it from the ground to claim it. This is somewhat similar to how it happened with the Star Wars Blasters.

The Stark Industries Energy Rifle is a pretty amazing weapon, but it isn’t something that can help you conquer the match. Its Rare variant does only 37 body damage, so it’s good only for the early stages of the game. We will suggest you pick up a better weapon if you find one during the later stages.

This was all regarding how you can get the Stark Industries Energy Rifle in Fortnite. Make sure to grab it before it disappears.