Apex Legends Season 6 Tips – Become The Ultimate Legend

 Apex Legends Season 6 Tips – Become The Ultimate Legend

Its been a few weeks since the arrival of Apex Legends Season 6, and I’m personally enjoying it a lot. The introduction of Rampart, the crafting system, and the new Volt SMG has taken the game to a whole new level. Although there are some things that could’ve been added, I’m still satisfied with how things are.

Apex Legends Season 6 Tips

Some of you might be playing Apex Legends since its release, while others might’ve just started their journey. Regardless of this, no matter how good you are, there is still some room for improvement. Today, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that can help you with becoming the ultimate legend in Respawn’s battle royale game.

Get The Most Out Of The Crafting System

Respawn Entertainment has decided to introduce crafting in Apex Legends through Season 6. This new system has totally changed how the game works. Previously, we had to rely on the loot found in different buildings and supply bins. But now, thanks to the crafting system, we can get weapons and other equipment in a much better way.

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You can find crafting points through different locations on the map. Once you have gathered enough crafting points, all you have to do is visit a crafting station to get your hands on your desired item. You can craft ammo, get armor upgrades, or even get your hands on some top weapons. The only downside about it is that the process takes a little time to get completed, so you will always have to stay altered. The best way to do this is by making sure that your teammates are on guard while you’re busy crafting. Since this is a newly introduced system, you will most likely find an enemy squad wandering around a crafting station.

The Perfect Replacement For R-99

The Volt SMG has finally arrived in Apex Legends after much wait. For those who don’t know, this weapon was once leaked way before Season 4. However, some other weapons arrive in the fourth season instead of it, while the fifth season didn’t even feature a new weapon. But now, Respawn has finally added it to the game’s list of weapons in the sixth season.

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Many players have instantly fallen in love with the Volt SMG. This is mainly because it even works perfectly in long-ranged combat even though it is just an SMG. Other than that, its recoil isn’t that much and you won’t find any difficulty while trying to control it. Many players are even considering it as a good replacement for the R-99 SMG, which is now a Supply Drop weapon. If you’re planning on using the Volt SMG, then we’ll suggest you keep a lot of ammo for it in your bag as it’ll get empty before you even notice.

Play Carefully With The New Legend

Rampart is the newest Legend to arrive in Apex Legends, and she has a lot to offer. She is a master modder who created a name for herself in the underground market and is now going to test her skills in the Apex Games. Just like every other Legend, Rampart also comes with her own set of unique abilities. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while playing with her:

The thing about Rampart is that she has a special connection with LMGs. That’s right, if you pick up an LMG while playing as Rampart, then you’ll enjoy some extra benefits. For instance, you will get increased ammo capacity for LMGs. This is something that makes her the perfect Legend for defensive situations.

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Rampart can also place multiple covers in the middle of nowhere. The upper portion of the cover will also increase the damage of your bullets if they pass through them. However, you should be really careful with their placement as one wrong move can end up with a headshot.

Rampart’s Ultimate ability lets her place a minigun, that is named as Shiela by Rampart. This minigun offers great firepower and can make enemies go through hell. However, some players make the mistake of placing it anywhere without seeing the situation. But since even your enemies can use this minigun, we’ll suggest you place it where they can’t get a hold of it that easily.

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