Apex Legends Season 6: New Legend, Weapon, And More

 Apex Legends Season 6: New Legend, Weapon, And More

Respawn Entertainment finally revealed Apex Legends season 6 through a trailer that was posted on their official YouTube channel. The trailer confirmed a lot of things we can expect to see in the upcoming season, including a new Legend. Today, we will be talking about everything we know about season 6 so far.

Apex Legends Season 6 New Legend

If you’ve been playing Apex since its launch month, then you must be aware of the fact that the developers add a new Legend with every season. They only introduce one Legend with every season, something which many players don’t appreciate. As for season 6, this one will also bring another character on board, and it is no one other than Rampart.

For those who don’t know, Rampart is one of those Legends who were leaked by data miners months ago. The leaked list also included the Revenant, who arrived in season 4. The most interesting thing about Rampart is that she was previously believed to be a male character. However, some recent leaks along with the official trailer confirmed that Rampart is a female character. As per her official description, this expert modder created a name for herself in the underground fight clubs, and she always talks big.

Just like every other Legend, Rampart is also going to have her own set of unique and interesting abilities through which she will give her opponents a difficult time. To begin with, Rampart will give players the luxury to deploy a machine gun in the middle of nowhere. She calls this machine gun Sheila, and it can surely turn the table around. When the name Sheila appeared in the game’s files, some players thought that this could be another Legend. Other than this machine gun, Rampart’s abilities include an Amped Cover along with the ability to boost the damage of ongoing shots.

New Weapon

Season 5 left many fans disappointed as it failed to bring a new weapon to the arsenal. Some even thought that the developers might add it in the second half of season 5, but that also didn’t happen. However, these players will be now excited to know that this won’t be the case with season 6 as it will feature a new weapon.

The new weapon is going to be the Volt submachine gun. As per its official description, it will use Energy Ammo. For those who don’t know, the Volt SMG first came to the surface in September 2019 when data miners successfully leaked it through the game’s files. Even before season 5, this weapon was believed to be the official weapon for season 4. In other words, there is a big reason why everyone is currently eagerly waiting to get their hands on this weapon.

Will We See A New Map?

The biggest question in everyone’s mind is whether the upcoming season is going to feature a brand new map or not. So far, players have enjoyed a total of two maps; Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Both maps were even made available at the same time, with one becoming available for some hours before being replaced by the second one. In the previous few seasons, these two maps have enjoyed their fair share of time and there wouldn’t be a better time than this for Respawn to introduce a new map.

Rumors and speculations about a new map for Apex Legends started surfacing right after Respawn posted a job listing on their official website. As per its description, Respawn was looking for someone who can help them create large scale multiplayer maps. However, ever since that happened, the developers haven’t talked anything about whether they have started working on a new map or not.

One thing which gives us hope about a new map in Apex Legends season 6 is what Lifeline said during the finale of the Broken Ghost Quest. She mentioned that they should all travel to Psamathe, which happens to be a new world. To be exact, she wants them to go to Olympus, a city that is floating in the sky. For those who don’t know, this is the very city in which the Revenant murdered Loba’s parents, so we already have an idea about how it looks. However, nothing can be said for sure until Respawn officially confirms this.

Apex Legends season 6 is being called Boosted and is currently scheduled to go live on August 18.

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