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Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide – Master The Mechanical Spiderman

Pathfinder is easily one of the most interesting characters in Apex Legends. All of his abilities focus on mobility, and his Grappling Hook helps him with moving around quickly. What some players love most about this Legend are his quips, through which he often expresses his love for everyone.

Apex Legends Pathfinder

The thing about Pathfinder is that he isn’t for everyone. Even though every Legend moves at the same speed, some people think he walks slow. This is mainly because of the camera angle and arm animation speeds. But in reality, he’s moving at the same speed as the Bangalore or Wraith running beside him. Other than that, if in the right hands, Pathfinder can actually stay ahead of other players. Today, we will be talking about the abilities of this Legend along with how and when you should use them.

Passive Ability

Pathfinder’s Passive ability is called Insider Knowledge. This is perhaps the only Passive ability in the game through which players can know about the next ring. But the thing about Insider Knowledge is that unlike other Passive abilities, this one won’t just trigger on its own. Instead, you will have to visit a Survey Beacon and then perform a scan to find out the next ring location. For those wondering, there are a number of Survey Beacons present on the map, and only Pathfinder can interact with them.

Apex Legends

After you use a Survey Beacon, the map will have a green circle which only you and your teammates will be able to see. This green circle will be the next ring location. Even though this doesn’t seem something big compared to the Passive abilities of other Legends, it is something beneficial during the final stages of the game. This is because it is important to get into the final ring before any other team. Pathfinder also has a second Passive ability called Low Profile. But this only brings balance to his hitbox as it increases the incoming damage by 5%.

Tactical Ability

Secondly, we have Pathfinder’s Tactical ability called Grappling Hook. While this may seem like a simple ability that allows you to move around quickly, it is actually one of the most complex abilities in the game. Most new players make the mistake of thinking it as something that can help them reach the top of a building or a close location easily. While they are right to some extent, they are still missing out on a lot.

Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook can actually be used to swing around, go high in the air, and even cover big distances quickly. All of this can be done only if Grappling Hook is placed at the right spot with the right movement. For instance, if you wait until the hook as attached itself to a surface and then run left or right, you will then cover a long distance quickly. After you use the Grappling Hook, you will then have to wait around 35 seconds to use it again. You will have to practice a lot to master it. But after you learn how to use it properly, you won’t go back to any other Legend.

Ultimate Ability

Finally, we have the Ultimate ability called the Zipline Gun. This ability can help you and your teammates with covering large distances quickly. The Ultimate allows Pathfinder to deploy a Zipline that can be used by him and his teammates. You get the luxury to aim and fire the Zipline at your desired location, and it can even help you with reaching a good sniper spot.

Apex Legends

The only downside about the Zipline is that it can be even used by your enemies. Other than that, it is something that can provide you with the much-needed mobility during the early as well as the later stages of the game. After you use the Zipline Gun, you will have to wait for 2 minutes before you can deploy another one.

Best Teammates

Wraith and Octane are considered as the best teammates for Pathfinder. This is because both Wraith and Octane also focus on mobility and won’t slow Pathfinder down.

This was our guide for Apex Legends’ mechanical Spiderman. We hope that our guide is going to help you out. Also make sure to check out our guide for Revenant, Bloodhound, and Lifeline before you leave.

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