Apex Legends Mirage Guide – Master The Holographic Trickster

 Apex Legends Mirage Guide – Master The Holographic Trickster

Apex Legends is currently in its sixth season and we have a handful of Legends to play with. Since the game’s release, we have seen a total of 6 new Legends joining the starting roster. However, even though new Legends offer some amazing abilities, some of them are still no match for the old ones. Today, we will be talking about Mirage, who is one of the launch characters of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mirage Guide

Mirage has always remained one of the top picks in Apex Legends. His abilities are considered the best by many because he can leave the enemy team confused. Prior to Season 5, many players requested Respawn to buff him because he was getting to week. And in the fifth season, we go to see an improved version of Mirage. In fact, he is more powerful than ever before. So without any further due, let’s take a look at all of his three abilities and how you should use them.

Passive Ability

Mirage’s Passive ability is called “Now You See Me” and it was once considered as the worst Passive ability in the entire game. This was mainly because there wasn’t much use of it. However, this was changed in Season 5 as almost every player is now a fan of this ability. For those wondering, whenever you revive a teammate while playing as Mirage, both you and the downed teammate get cloaked thanks to his Passive ability.

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Reviving is a really important thing in Apex Legends, and you can get eliminated instantly if you start reviving at the wrong time. However, thanks to Mirage’s Passive ability, your enemies won’t even know where the revive is taking place. But you will have to start running as soon as the revive process is finished because all eyes will be on you. Despite this, it is still something really useful, especially in the later stages of the game.

Tactical Ability

Coming towards his Tactical ability called “Psyche Out”, this one is considered as one of the most popular abilities in all of Apex. This is because it allows Mirage to send out a holographic decoy of himself to confuse the enemy team. Before Season 5, players were able to send out a decoy without any control over it. However, this has now changed.

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Thanks to the changes introduced by Respawn in Season 5, players can now control the decoy after it is deployed. It will basically mimic every move you make, thus leaving the enemy team more confused. Previously, it was easy to tell the difference between the decoy and real Mirage because the decoy would only run in a specific direction. But now, it is very difficult to spot the difference as the decoy will act as the actual Mirage. In addition to this, the decoy will remain present for around 60 seconds, and you will then have to wait 15 seconds to deploy another one.

Ultimate Ability

Finally, we have his Ultimate ability called “Life of the Party.” This ability can come in hand during the most difficult situations as it can help you disappear into thin air for some seconds. Once you trigger this ability, it will deploy a team of 5 controllable decoys who will distract the enemies while you escape.

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This ability is useful when you’re low on health and surrounded by enemies. All you have to do is trigger the Ultimate and then make a run for a good hiding spot. Your enemies won’t be able to track you down that easily as they will be busy with the 5 decoys. After you use the Ultimate, you will have to wait 60 seconds before you can use it again.

Best Teammates

Bangalore and Wraith are considered as the best teammates for Mirage. This is because both of them can confuse their enemies just like Mirage. Bangalore can use her Smoke Grenades to disappear, while Wraith can use her tactical to the same as well. Therefore, if the three Legends are in the right hands, they can hit their opponents without giving them a chance to strike back.

This was all regarding our Mirage guide. We will make sure to update this guide if Respawn introduces some more changes to the Holographic Trickster. Before you leave, make sure to also check out our guide for Octane and Revenant.

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