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Apex Legends Caustic Guide – Become The Bext Trapper

Caustic is one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends thanks to his abilities. Although he is one of those Legends who were available at launch, you will have to spend some tokens to unlock him. However, you won’t regret your purchase considering he is one of the best trappers in the game.

Apex Legends Caustic Guide

In the past, Caustic wasn’t considered as a good Legend because of some issues. Later on, Respawn made various improvements and changes to him, something which made him a popular pick. His abilities focus on a poisonous gas through which he can put his enemies in a really difficult position. Today, we will be talking about Caustic’s abilities along with how and when you should use them.

Passive Ability

To being with, Caustic’s Passive ability is called Nox Vision, and it plays a really vital role. This ability basically lets him see everything inside his poisonous Nox Gas, something which helps him with taking down his enemies easily. What happens is that anyone caught inside the gas gets highlighted for Caustic so that he can see them without any problems.

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Nox Vision also makes Caustic immune to the damage and prevents him from getting slowed down. Caustic also has another Passive ability called Fortified, which Respawn introduced to bring balance to his hitbox. The Fortified ability basically reduces the incoming damage by 15%, thanks to which you won’t have to worry about Caustic’s huge size.

Tactical Ability

Next up, we have his Tactical ability called Nox Gas Trap. This is one of the most popular abilities in the entire game because of its use. Basically, it is the very ability which has made Caustic so much popular. As its name suggests, it lets Caustic place some deadly traps, large canisters to be exact, which get activated as soon as an enemy gets close to them.

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Nox Gas Traps release toxic gas whenever an enemy gets near them. This gas deals some damage to anyone caught inside it while slowing them down. Caustic can place up to three traps per charge, and he can have a maximum of six traps placed around the map. The thing about these traps is that they will remain at their position till the very end of the match if they don’t get activated. Once activated, the trap will keep on spraying toxic gas for around 12.5 seconds. After that, you will have to wait for 25 seconds before placing another one.

Ultimate Ability

Finally, we have his Ultimate called Nox Gas Grenade. As its name suggests, it allows Caustic to throw a grenade that will explode and release a cloud of Nox Gas upon impact. Many players find this ability to be underpowered, with some even claiming that it shouldn’t even be an Ultimate. This is mainly because it’s the same as placing down a few Nox Gas Traps.

Caustic’s Tactical works far better than his Ultimate, and the reasons are solid. If you throw a grenade in the middle of a fight, then only a few teams will fail to react quickly to it. However, his Gas Traps can be properly placed inside a building to prevent enemies from coming inside. Even if they do, they will be met with clouds of toxic gas that will only increase their misery. But still, there will be times when you will find these toxic grenades to be useful.

Best Teammates

Bangalore and Wattson are considered to be the best teammates for Caustic. Bangalore can shoot smoke grenades and when paired with Caustic’s gas, they can become a deadly trap for enemies. As for Wattson, she is also one of the few trappers available in Apex, and her electronic traps can go pretty well alongside Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps. Both of them can work together to build a defense system that will be impossible for anyone to breach.

This was our guide for becoming a better player with Caustic in Apex Legends. We hope that this will help you out. Make sure to learn when and how to use the traps properly because you can only place a number of them at a time. Therefore, placing them at the wrong location will only give your opponents an opportunity to strike you without any hurdles. Also make sure to check out our guide for Octane, Wraith, and Pathfinder.

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