In battle royale games, communication plays an important role. Especially in games like Warzone, you can’t go far without communicating with your teammates. There are times when you have to warn them about an approaching enemy or tell them about a weapon you just found. If you don’t communicate, then your team also sometimes ends up splitting into different directions only to get eliminated by enemy squads within seconds. But if you’re riding solo, this hits differently.

Solo players often have to spend minutes wandering around. This makes them feel like they are going on a lonely journey as there is no one to talk to. The in-game chat is also limited to you and your teammates only, and there is no way to communicate with enemy squads. You can only hear them for a few seconds after you kill them. Other than that, there’s nothing. However, one Warzone player recently came up with an idea that could change how communication works in solo matches.

Warzone Proximity Chat Feature

The player suggested that Infinity Ward should add the proximity chat in Warzone in order to spice things up. For those who don’t know, this was first seen in PUBG and it was well-received by players. While the feature may be simple and all, it can change how solo matches are played. As players embark on a journey all on their own, they can get the luxury to communicate with other players.


The feature would work in a really simple way. Anyone inside a 10-meter radius would be able to communicate with each other. And by communication, we don’t mean properly talk with each other as this can result in teaming up in solo matches, something that is against the rules. Instead, players could get the luxury to just taunt each other, something which will make things more fun for sure. This is something that we saw in other Call of Duty titles where players were allowed to taunt others in pregame lobbies.

At the moment, Infinity Ward is yet to talk about what they think about this feature and whether they will consider adding it or not. If they do, then they should make sure that it comes with a push-to-talk option as not everyone is a fan of it. Infinity Ward is also currently busy tackling hackers and they also ended up banning some innocent players in the process.