Call of Duty players are always waiting to see a new game every year. There hasn’t been any year that didn’t introduce a new Call of Duty game to the world. These days, we’re seeing many rumors and leaks about Call of Duty 2020 and what it could possibly feature. However, the thing which has left many fans worried is whether Warzone will be carried over to it or not.

Warzone was Infinity Ward’s attempt at creating a name in the battle royale industry, and they did. The game is played by millions of players every month and is considered as one of the top battle royale games alongside Fortnite and Apex. However, now that we’ll soon get to see the next-generation consoles along with the rumored Black Ops reboot, everyone is wondering what will happen to Warzone. As per some recent leaks, new points of interest for Warzone have been discovered in the files of Call of Duty 2020 alpha, something which confirms that the game will become available on the mentioned platform.

Warzone Might Get A New Map

Recently, some data miners decided to dig through the files of Black OPS CIA alpha. During their search, they managed to discover something interesting that Warzone players will get to see in the next-generation version. While everything might seem similar such as gunplay and other gameplay mechanics, players will get to enjoy a brand new map. COD Tracker initially confirmed that Warzone will be coming to Call of Duty 2020, but with a new map.


The leak revealed a list of POIs that players will get to see in the next Warzone map. Considering there are a lot of them, it will most likely be a new map as the developers just can’t fit all of them in the current one. The leaked list includes Lake, Swamp Weather Station, Chemical Lab, Ski Slopes, Zoo, Ruka, Duga, Russia, Forest, Battery, Sanatorium, Mines, and Goldova.

All of this has basically confirmed that we will be seeing Warzone on the next-generation consoles with a brand new map. The community has been requesting Infinity Ward for a new map since the day Warzone came out, but the developers have always been silent about it. But it seems like introducing a new map on the next-generation consoles will be a good idea as they will end up attracting a lot more players towards the title. In any case, we will first have to wait for the developers to first confirm this before getting too much excited. We previously talked about some classic maps that we would all like to see in Warzone.