Warzone Matches Are Still Swarming With Hackers

 Warzone Matches Are Still Swarming With Hackers

One of the biggest problems in almost every multiplayer game is cheaters. These players basically don’t want to play by the rules and use different methods to get an advantage over other players. They either make the best use of in-game exploits or simply opt for third-party software to become better than others. Sadly, whenever a new multiplayer title is released, it instantly becomes a target of hackers. The same can be said for Warzone, the battle royale which has been swarming with hackers since its early days.

Warzone came out a couple of months ago and the game instantly became a hit. It managed to grab the attention of more than 50 million players within its first month, thus securing a spot in the list of top battle royale titles. However, the game slowly became unplayable because of the number of cheaters. Players were encountering cheaters in almost every other match, something which ruined their gameplay experience. While Infinity Ward has taken various measures to overcome this issue, the number of cheaters is increasing with every passing day.

Every Warzone Match Has Cheaters

Recently, a user on Reddit who goes by the name “Questioned_Kadavr” made a post in which he talked about how he carried out an investigation about cheating with his teammates. The user claimed that after their match was ruined by hackers, his squadmate thought about testing the hacks out to see how many cheaters are there in every match. What they did was performed a simple good search and found a site through which they were able to buy a package of 24 hours cheats for $12.


The user and his teammates decided that they will try everything in their power to not ruin the gameplay experience of any player during their investigation period. They set some rules and agreed to not push other players and to only engage when necessary, i.e in self-defense. To their surprise, in around 7 hours, they didn’t come across a single game that was free of hackers. The user added that there was always around three to four squads who had 1 player using hacks.

The most interesting thing about their investigation was that no one could figure out if they were hacking. He mentioned that although they were using hacks, they didn’t get reported or accused of cheating a single time. This shows that the system is pretty much ruined. At the end of his post, the Reddit user claimed that their research has revealed that every match is full of wall hackers. For him and his squad, “quitting the game until PS5 and no crossplay” is the only option.

The Problem of Cheaters

Since Warzone’s release, Infinity Ward has been busy trying to overcome the problem of cheaters. During the first week of April, cheaters became a huge problem and even some top personalities in the esports industry became a target of them. 100 Thieve’s owner, Nadeshot, along with Courage and TimTheTatman, fell victim to a squad of hackers, something which made him criticize the developers for not handling the matter properly. A few days later, Ninja tweeted that he died to hackers in 3 out of the 5 matches he played.


Soon after top streamers and players started facing the problem, Infinity Ward decided to step their game up. They deployed additional security updates, updated matchmaking to match suspected cheaters together, and even increased the resources across blackened tech, studio, and enforcement teams. However, none of this proved to be beneficial for the game as it is still swarming with hackers. They even recently introduced a new requirement of adding a phone number to create a new account to prevent cheaters from creating more accounts, but they have most probably found a workaround for this too.

At the moment, Infinity Ward is yet to give us another update on how they are currently handling cheaters in Warzone. They last updated us in the last week of April, and we haven’t heard from them since then. We already know how Apex Legends’ player count started to drop because of the same issue. Therefore, if Infinity Ward fails to come up with a good and effective way to tackle cheaters, then they’ll start losing a lot of players soon. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind of their battle royale.

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