Warzone: Infinity Ward Is Preparing For Another Ban Wave

 Warzone: Infinity Ward Is Preparing For Another Ban Wave

If you’ve been playing Warzone since its release, then you must be aware of the fact that cheating is its biggest problem. While its no surprise that online games are always a target of hackers and cheaters, Warzone seems to be on the top of it. Although developer Infinity Ward has been trying its best to overcome this problem, they just can’t put an end to it. However, they recently confirmed that they are soon planning to launch another ban wave.

Cheating in Warzone

Cheaters used multiple things to get an advantage over other players. These players who are not a fan of playing by the rules end up using software such as aimbot to perform better. This software allows them to land all of their shots on their target no matter where they aim. Some of them also use wallhacks which give away the position of other players.


At the moment, the number of cheaters in Warzone is increasing every day. During the first few weeks of the game, Infinity Ward issued multiple ban waves and banned a lot of players who were caught using cheats. But during the past few months, they have been quiet about this issue with the community constantly demanding for an update about how they are handling cheaters.

Update From Infinity Ward

On Twitter, Infinity Ward finally decided to lift the curtain and gave us an update on new ban waves and which players will get banned. As per the developers, anyone who uses 3rd party software to mod or hack, such as wallhacks, stats hacks, aimbots, texture hacks, leaderboard hacks, and many more, will get permanently banned in the upcoming ban waves. The developers also asked players to avoid any kind of tutorials and services that can help them with modifying their camo. Any player caught trying to acquire new gear by using unauthorized methods will get permanently banned.

While Infinity Ward told us about who could get banned during the upcoming ban waves, they failed to reveal exactly when this is going to happen. The main problem is the work-from-home environment because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Most of the Infinity Ward employees are working from their homes, which is why things are taking the time. The developers also ended up banning a lot of innocent players recently. They were trying to issue a perfect ban wave to make things smooth but ended up making things worse. This is why they will have to spend a little more time preparing for the next ban waves as they cannot afford another wrong move.

Reaction of The Community

While the developers have made some players happy by giving an update on the cheating matter, others are criticizing their lack of actions. Even some professional players and personalities from the Call of Duty community expressed their disappointment. CDL analyst Joe “MerK” DeLuca claimed that this is something that will end up attracting more cheaters. On the other hand, professional players such as ACHES, JKap, Clayster, SlasheR, and H3CZ were some of the many who mocked and taunted the developers for their decisions.

Meanwhile, NRG content creator, Davis “Hitch” Edwards claimed he was “glad” to see that some action was finally being taken about this matter. However, he also added that he would’ve personally loved to see an anti-cheat system rather than ban waves. This is because cheaters have always claimed that they can easily jump back into the game and cheat again after getting banned. For those who don’t know, many other online multiplayer games have their own anti-cheat system that automatically detects cheating. However, Warzone lacks this feature, and it’s about time Infinity Ward adds it. TimTheTatMan and Nickmercs were also glad to see the recent post.

In any case, all we can do is wait for the developers to issue another ban wave to see whether it will have an impact or not. In the past, some of them have worked, while some haven’t. Considering Warzone is currently regarded as one of the top battle royales in the world, the developers can’t afford to make mistakes. We will also have to wait and see whether Infinity Ward is going to work on an anti-cheat system for Warzone or not.

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