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Warzone and Modern Warfare – 5 Guns You Should Say No To

Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job by adding a wide range of weapons in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. The Call of Duty series has always served as a home to some of the most popular weapons ever seen. Players have always been given the luxury to choose from different weapon categories, such as ARs, Snipers, LMGs, Launchers, and many more.

Warzone and Modern Warfare Weapons To Avoid

While both Modern Warfare and Warzone feature an amazing arsenal, there exist some weapons that just aren’t good enough. These weapons can help you secure some kills, but it is best to avoid them at all costs. You should only pick them up if you are unable to find any other weapon in the surrounding area. Otherwise, it is just best to leave them lying there as loot. Without any further due, let’s talk about guns you should avoid using in both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The Dragunov


The first weapon on our list is the Dragunov. If you’ve been playing Call of Duty from the first game, then you already know how popular this weapon is. It has made an appearance in a number of games of the series and has been used in the campaign too. The thing which some players like about this weapon is that it makes sniping easy. The forgiving play style it offers as compared to bolt-action rifles is something appreciated by many new players. However, what they don’t realize is that the Dragunov is the worst sniper as it offers the lowest sniper damage profile in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. If you are looking for a sniper, then make sure to pick one up that can put your enemy down in one kill. With the Dragunov, you’ll be just registering hits and nothing else.

VLK Rogue

Modern Warfare

Shotguns have always remained popular in pick in many multiplayer games. The luxury of taking your opponent down in one shot is really satisfying. However, the thing about shotguns is that they are either too powerful or are not good at all. As for the VLK Rogue, it’s just the worst shotgun available in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Although the weapon offers good mobility, its range puts a barrier on all of its benefits. If your enemy is more than 2 meters away, then you’ll have to land a couple of successful shots in order to take him down. While there are multiple attachments available for this weapon, it just can’t better. Therefore, it is best to simply go with some other shotgun instead of this one.



If you’re a fan of WWII weapons, then you’ll get disappointed after picking up the MG34. Although the weapon has been well designed and looks really epic, its performance in battle is close to zero. The thing which almost every player hates about this LMG is the kind of mobility and recoil it offers. In addition to this, it has an 8-second reload animation, something which can put you at a disadvantage. The developers have introduced different attachments to make this weapon better, but it will continue to remain one of the worst LMGs in Modern Warfare.



The Crossbow is a badass looking weapon, but you shouldn’t fall for its looks. The weapon may seem fun in the warm-up stage but can cause headaches during the actual match. This is mainly because if you fail to land a shot, you’ll get killed before you can reload it. It may be one of the one-hit-kill weapons in the game, but it’s not as great as it seems. So if you’re not a fan of getting sent flying to the Gulag without a proper fight, then its best you avoid picking the Crossbow up.


Modern Warfare

Finally, we have the X16. This weapon is considered as the worst one because of its low damage profile. Although it may help some players with getting an early kill or with getting out of the Gulag, it is still something you should avoid picking at any cost. If you’re looking to carry a sidearm in Modern Warfare or Warzone, then you should avoid picking up the X16 at every cost.

These were 5 guns you should avoid using in both Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare. We’ll make sure to update the list if we end up finding an even worse weapon in the game. Also, make sure to check out how you can take down the Juggernaut quickly in Warzone’s latest LTM.

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