Warzone: 6 Classic Maps That Should Get Added

 Warzone: 6 Classic Maps That Should Get Added

Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job with Warzone’s map. It features some classic locations that have been previously seen in other Call of Duty games. They are enough to accommodate 150 players that drop in every match. However, while the map is amazing and all, there is still room for improvement.

Warzone Maps We Want To See

For those who don’t know, Warzone features locations such as Scrapyard and Gulag that are from either the singleplayer or multiplayer side of the previous Call of Duty titles. This has been done to that fans of the series can enjoy the battle royale even more. However, even though there are multiple old locations that give a nostalgic feel, there are many more locations Infinity Ward can consider adding.


The first map we would like to see as a location in Warzone is Strike. For those who don’t know, Strike is one of the most popular maps from the original Modern Warfare. It has multiple buildings, that can be perfect for looting purposes. Furthermore, it has some high grounds that can become a perfect spot for sniping, and offer intense final circle battles. With some improvements and changes, Strike can become a perfect location for Warzone.

Wet Work

Wet Work is my personal favorite location. It is another original Modern Warfare map and is a popular one. Almost every player of the old title is familiar with this location as it is featured in the very first mission which includes Soap and Captain Price trying to get their hands on some valuable information, but end up destroying the ship. If Infinity Ward adds it to Warzone, then they’ll definitely spice things up. Players could swim to the ship, or the developers could introduce some new vehicles such as jet skis. In any case, it can make things much more fun for sure.



Next up, we have the Estate. This classic map from Modern Warfare 2 has remained a fan favorite and offers the perfect environment for intense combat. The area is mostly covered with trees but has a Cabin right in the center. This Cabin can turn things around during the final circle. For instance, you can battle your way through the woods to it, and the team which takes control of the Cabin will get the upper hand. This would make things really intense.


Rust first appeared in Modern Warfare 2, and then was remade for the 2019 version of the Modern Warfare. While the developers have added to the multiplayer section of the game, they should definitely consider adding it to Warzone too. This is mainly because it offers grounds that can be perfect for those who love trick shots. Call of Duty players are always trying to capture the perfect killcams, and this is the map where this can happen. Considering how popular this map is in the latest Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward might actually add it to Warzone soon.



Warhawk is a map from Call of Duty: Ghosts, and it was really popular in its time. The map is not relatively large but still serves as a home to some intense battles. It features multiple buildings that can serve as spots for loots. The only thing which some players don’t like about this map is that it focuses more on outdoor battles. However, with some changes and improvements, it can definitely become a great addition to Warzone.


The final map we’d like to mention is Quarry. This is yet another classic map from Modern Warfare 2. If you’re a fan of using Snipers, then this map is made for you. It offers both indoor and outdoor combat opportunists and is ideal for long-range combat. You don’t also have to worry about being hit with a vehicle on this map as it offers narrow pathways and multiple obstacles. While Helicopters could help you reach it quickly, the most ideal way would be to run to it.

These were some classic maps that we would like to see in Warzone. There are many other maps, but we will have to wait and see if Infinity Ward will consider adding any of them or not. At the moment, players are also wondering whether they’ll be seeing a map other than Verdansak or not. Also, make sure to check out 5 weapons that you should avoid using in Warzone and Modern Warfare.

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