Virtus Pro partners up with Automotive Company Haval

 Virtus Pro partners up with Automotive Company Haval

Virtus Pro have released news of their brand new automotive partners, Haval, first in the organization’s history of signing an automotive company.

Considered for the mutual benefit of both parties, Haval will be looking to assist top tier rosters of the renowned esports organization in CIS and in the globe. The organization will be supplied with Haval Automotive cars in case of travel. Both parties seemed happily set to form this pact. This is what the official statement blog reads.

“Haval has become the exclusive automotive sponsor of the most decorated esports club of Russia and CIS – The first of its kind massive-scale partnership is aimed at the first esports club’s Dota 2 roster.”

The CEO of Haval Motor Russia and the General Manager of VP also shared their thoughts on the partnership. This shall be a big jump for the automotive company to come into the world of esports which previously took a great turn for the Automotive Industry after BMW’s official partnership with not just one, but five of the top esports organizations of each region. Haval is looking to gain a similar bearing as BTW now and will debut their stance from here onwards as one with the CIS giants Virtus Pro. Here is their CEO’s official statement:

Jerome Saigot, CEO of “Haval Motor Rus”: 

“Haval brand is founded on the state-of-the-art technologies. As devotion to innovation spans across all our ventures, we are excited to announce the beginning of our partnership with such a renowned esports collective like We share the same ideas when it comes to self-improvement and love of discovery. We hope to see memorable tournaments ahead – and, of course, well-deserved victories.”

Virtus Pro’s manager commented on the high hoped of this partnership as well with positive remarks hinting on the reason for them saying yes to Haval. This is what he had to say:

Sergey Glamazda, General Manager:

“Esports fans are the youth who value cutting-edge tech and high emotions, and as such, there’s no doubt Haval will easily create a link with the gaming community. Our club,, is beloved by the Russian community and respected in China, which makes this partnership a logical step towards mutual benefit. We are happy to see be the first pick for the global automobile brand Haval’s esports debut!”

Recent results of Virtus Pro were not great, but not bad either, with many skilled performances by many of their esports rosters and teams. This partnership looks to prep the organization for the last little nudge that shall take them towards the top.

For more on Virtus Pro, you can check out their recent performances and stance on their official Twitter account. For more on Haval, check out their Twitter Account over here.