Valorant: Riot Games Is Thinking Of Nerfing Sage Again

 Valorant: Riot Games Is Thinking Of Nerfing Sage Again

Valorant is the first FPS title to feature the concept of Agents. These are in-game characters that players can use and customize. Basically, every Agent comes with a set of unique abilities that can be used for either defensive or offensive purposes. Some abilities allow players to build a wall, while others may help them rain down hell on the enemy team. However, there are some Agents that are more powerful than others, and Sage is one of them.

Why Sage In Valorant Is Overpowered

For those who don’t know, Sage is regarded as the most popular pick in all of Valorant. And why wouldn’t she be? I mean she is stronger than any other in the current meta. The abilities she offers are something that puts her above everyone else, and there is no stopping her when she gets in the right hands. She can basically use her abilities to heal herself and even her teammates. In addition to this, her Slow Orb allows her to slow down the enemy team, something which puts them at a great disadvantage. All of this also makes her one of the top Agents for Solo Ranked.


Because of this very reason, Riot Games has made different attempts to nerf her in order to bring balance to the game. However, no matter how much they have tried, the developers have failed to make a big difference. Sage still continues to use her abilities like before, something which has always caused an uproar in the Valorant community. But now, it seems like the developers are thinking about trying something else this time.

What Riot Is Planning Next

On Reddit, Coleman “Altombre” Palm, who is one of the Gameplay Researchers of Valorant, decided to talk about Sage. He mentioned how the medic is overpowered and why it varies with different ranks. Riot basically thinks that healing is more valued in lower MMRs, while her hard stall power is something more valuable to higher MMRs.

Altombre then went on to hint that the developers might be working on an Agent with similar abilities. This will help them with increasing the “choice competition.” He claimed that this is something that they are planning in the long term, but they might introduce a temporary fix for her before the new Agent arrives. However, he failed to tell us about when any of this is going to happen, so all we can do is wait for now.

In another comment, Altombre also mentioned that they would like to keep her resurrect in the game, which is why they will “be exploring tuning levers there first before resorting to something like a rework.”

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