Valorant players will be excited to know that developer Riot Games has announced a brand new skin bundle for the FPS title. That’s right, it has been revealed that Valorant will be getting its first Ultra-Edition skin collection in the form of Elderflame, the name given to this bundle.


The most interesting thing about this upcoming skin bundle is that Riot has packed the highest level of dynamic effects from a cosmetic item in it. This means that you’ll be getting much more than just skins for your desired weapons. The Elderflame bundle was first revealed on July 7 when Riot posted a short teaser for it on their official Twitter account. Everyone was left excited after seeing it as they were wondering what it could be.

Valorant Elderflame Skin Bundle

On July 8, the developers finally cleared the speculations that were roaming around the teaser by releasing the first trailer for the Elderflame skin bundle. If you’re a fan of Dragon-themed skins, then this bundle is for you. The best thing is that this bundle consists of skins for almost every popular weapon available in the game, such as Vandal, Frenzy, Guardian, and the most powerful weapon, the Operator. If you’re a Phoenix main, then there’s an exclusive knife waiting for you in the bundle.

Those who get this bundle will also acquire an exclusive finisher after they secure a kill. In order to trigger the animation, you will have to get the round-ending kill. Once you do that, an Elderflame dragon will appear and take down your enemy from the top. How cool is that? This is the first time we’re seeing something like this in Valorant, and we will most likely get to see similar finishers in the future. The thing which further makes this bundle different from the previous ones is that each weapon’s skin represents a live dragon. Whether you’re shooting or reloading your weapon, you’ll see a spark in the animation.

Release Date and Price

The Elderflame skin bundle is currently scheduled to release today, on July 10. As for its price, Joe “SWAGGERNAU7” Lee, Valorant’s Revenue Lead, confirmed that it will have a price tag of 9,900 Valorant Points. In other words, it will cost you around $90 USD. The price may seem high to some players, but the type of skins that come with the bundle are worth every penny. In any case, it is great to see that Riot Games is introducing such amazing skins in their FPS title.