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Valorant Cyber Punk Skin Bundle and Free-For-All Mode Leaked

Riot’s first attempt at creating an FPS title turned out to be a success. Valorant is currently one of the hottest video games in the esports industry, and a lot of players are jumping into it daily. The developers have done a remarkable job by introducing a fun yet challenging title. It has some similarities to CS:GO, but becomes different when it comes to aspects like Agents.

Just like most of the multiplayer titles out there, Valorant also allows players to customize their weapons with some unique and amazing skins. Since the game is relatively new, there aren’t that many currently available. However, Riot is slowly adding new ones to it and players are being quick to create a collection. And now, as per recent leaks, it seems the developers are planning to introduce yet another skin bundle soon in Valorant.

For those who don’t know, Riot Games recently added the first Ultra-Edition skin bundle in Valorant called Elderflame. This skin bundle has a dragon-theme and features skins for a number of popular weapons in the game, including Operator. The most interesting is that every skin has a unique spark to it, which can be seen when either reloading or firing the weapon. In addition to this, it has a melee weapon and a new finisher, which brings a dragon down whenever someone lands a round-ending kill.

Valorant Cyber Punk Skin Bundle

The Elderflame skin bundle was released yesterday, and just one day after it, another one has popped up in the game’s files. Recently, an account on Twitter which goes by the name “Valorant Express” posted an image that hints at an upcoming Cyber Punk skin bundle for Valorant. For those who don’t know, this account is pretty much reliable considering it has managed to post successful leaks since the game’s release.

As per the account, players will get to see the Cuber Punk skin bundle in the in-game store in around two weeks. The post further claimed that the bundle will feature skins for Judge, Odin, Frenzy, and Bulldog. In addition to this, we can also expect to see a knife in it. Considering the bundle will feature a Cyber Punk themed style, the skins will most likely have a futuristic touch.

It is yet to be revealed whether this will have anything to do with the upcoming CyberPunk 2077 video game or not. Maybe CD Projekt Red is partnering up with Riot Games for promotional purposes since their upcoming video game is a few months away. Riot Games some time ago claimed that the skins will become weirder as the season goes on, so we can expect to see anything.

Free-For-All Game Mode

On the other hand, another leak suggests that players will finally get to see a brand-new mode soon. That’s right, Valorant players have requested Riot Games for new modes since the game’s release, and it seems like the developers have finally decided to listen to them.

At the moment, there exist only two game modes in Valorant, Bomb and Spike Rush. The second mode isn’t that much different from the first once since the only thing unique about is it makes the environment more fast-paced. Other than that, players don’t have any other mode to enjoy. But this might soon change as a user on Reddit recently suggested that the developers are thinking of adding a Free-For-All mode.

In the post made on Reddit, the user mentioned that Riot Games is laying the “outline for a FFA mode.” He further added that Riot is testing FFA on Ascent first and the map will be updated soon. This means that the FFA Ascent map and normal Ascent map will be different as there are .umap files. One thing to keep in mind is that you should take this information with a pinch of salt since nothing can be confirmed until Riot officially confirms it. But if this really is the case, then a lot of players will be happy considering new game modes are one of the most demanded things in the Valorant community.

A few weeks back, it was also reported that Riot Games is working on Deathmatch mode along with a few more. This means that the developers might be planning to add multiple modes at once.

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