Top Valorant Agents For Solo Ranked Mode

 Top Valorant Agents For Solo Ranked Mode

Valorant players are always trying their best to grind and reach the top in ranked mode. It is a really difficult task to climb in the Competitive mode because of the competition. However, while it may be difficult, it’s not impossible. With the right things, you can achieve your goals and reach the top list.

Best Valorant Agents for Solo-Queue Matches

Solo-queue matches in Valorant are something exhausting since you can’t rely on teammates to help you out. However, it all actually comes down to the Agent you have. Valorant has a number of Agents that players can choose from, but not all of them are going to suit your style. But once you manage to find the right Agent, you will be able to defend sites on your own. Today, we’ll be talking about some of the top Agents in Valorant that are perfect for Solo Ranked.


First off, we have Raze. This Agent is considered as one of the top Valorant Agents for Solo Ranked because of her abilities. For those who don’t know, she is considered as one of the most powerful and deadly ones in Valorant because almost every ability she offers can deal a lot of damage. The thing which most players love about Raze is that she is perfect for both aggressive and defensive playstyle. As per the developers, Raze’s main goal is to be “highly-threatening” to her opponents.


If you’re playing with caution, then Raze can use her Boom Bot ability to send out a small little thing to check whether there are any enemies camping in the room or not. If you get stuck in a hectic situation, then the Blast Pack can help you escape. Or if you are in the mood to give your opponents a difficult time, then you can simply use her Ultimate to completely destroy them. In any case, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t give Raze a try in Solo-queue matches.


Sage is yet another amazing Agent in Valorant who is perfect for Solo Ranked matches. She is considered as one of the top Agents because of her healing abilities. This healer has the ability to heal herself just like Agent Reyna, something that is a big advantage. However, unlike Reyna, Sage can heal her teammates too. This is a big plus point that puts her above other healers present in Valorant. In addition to this, you won’t have to struggle a lot or kill anyone for that matter to acquire her Heal Orb.


Sage’s abilities give her a lot of influence over the map, and she can definitely become big trouble for the other team if used right. Her Slow Orb is something that can be used in both attack and defense situations. If one of your teammates end up getting eliminated, then she can use her Resurrection ability to bring him back to life. If you think you can master her abilities, then you should definitely give her a try.


Finally, we have Brimstone. The reason why he’s on our list of best Valorant Agents for Solo Ranked is his smokes. For those who don’t know, Brimstone offers some of the best smokes in the entire game, which can prove to be really useful if properly used. He possesses abilities that allow him to deal with different situations. For instance, he carries an Orbital Strike laser through which he can prevent his opponents from planting or defusing. In addition to this, his Stim Beacon is something that can prove to be useful if Sage builds up a wall in front of him.


Another amazing ability that Brimstone offers is Molotov. This is something that allows him to fire a Molotov at a long distance, and it is a perfect tool for drawing out opponents from a certain location. He can also throw it at the bomb location to delay things or block chokepoints. In any case, he can help you climb quickly in Solo-queue matches for sure.

These were some of the top Valorant Agents for Solo Ranked. Keep in mind that the choice varies from player to player, so you should give other Agents a try too. In any case, make sure to improve your aim first because if you don’t know how to aim properly, then you won’t go far despite the Agent you choose. If you’re struggling to unlock Agents, then you can also check out our guide on how you can do that quickly.

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