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RLCS X; Rocket League’s newest Annual Season Circuit

There has been made a big change to the normal esports scenario of Rocket League. Rocket League has released a full blog on their new iteration of the RLCS Seasonal Circuit with the RLCS X.

This new Circuit consisting of a full year-long season shall now hail the esports scenario of Rocket League with over $4 million prize pool. It comes with new structuring which intends to be better suited to the ongoing situation of the pandemic and how a smooth operation of the RLCS and finally be underway. Rocket League confirms this new circuit with representing “their first step toward a brand-new vision for the RLCS.”

The opening states that the Rocket League Esports scene shall be moving away from the League Play format and Bi-annual seasons from now on. The conclusion to the RLCS X will be the World Championship of Rocket League.

“Let’s begin with how we’re changing the RLCS. We’re moving away from the League Play format and bi-annual seasons. RLCS X will be an open event-based circuit format that culminates in an annual Rocket League World Championship. We believe this format strikes a healthy balance between open competition and rewarding consistent, high-level performance. It also gives us the flexibility to continue to award points towards World Championship qualification if live international events are not possible during the season due to worldwide health concerns.”

The Breakdown:

RLCS X breaks down to three parts or splits, i.e. Fall, Winter and Spring. Each of these will constitute further with “three standalone Regional Events” for North America and Europe. Furthermore, each part will end with a Major Tournament. Open Qualifiers will start each Regional Event.


There will be different formats for each part or split.

  • The Fall will have a 32 Team format.
  • Winter will have a 24 Team format
  • Spring will have a 20 Team format.

Prize-pool Distribution:

Each of the Regional Event will have a One Hundred Thousand Dollar prizepool.

Majors will have $250,000 prizepools.

The Rocket League World Championship will host a $1 million prizepool.

Each of these will surmount to the $4 million-plus prize pool of the overall RLCS X Season Circuit. There shall be top tier competitive scenes with a high number of winnings for all.

For the information of the Splits, Rocket League has stated that Winter and Spring shall have information released in the future. The Fall Split consists of the following;

The Fall Split:

Each Regional Event will have 32 teams, with the winners of RLCS Season 9 being directly invited to the Regional Events so they shall not be going in Open Qualifiers as the normal means of joining. Here are the official stats of the Fall Split from the Rocket League blog;

  • Each Regional Event will have 32 teams
  • Teams that earned their spot from RLCS Season 9 will be auto-invited to Regional Events (bypassing Open Qualifiers)
  • Teams that earned their spot from the previous Rival Series season will be auto-seeded into Day 3 of the Open Qualifiers
  • The 32 qualified teams will be placed into two groups of 16 with each playing a Swiss format
  • The top eight teams from each group will proceed to another 16-team Swiss format
  • The top eight teams from that group will move on to a single-elimination bracket
  • All events in the Fall Split will be online
  • Sign ups are open now and will close on July 24 for each region’s first Regional Event
  • Broadcasts for the Fall Split will begin on August 1 with the first European Regional Event

Moreover, the blog states that every event in RLCS X will be granted points for the finale; World Championship qualification. Regional events will have fewer points and will decide who goes to the Majors. Majors themselves will be granting a higher number of points. Each split will have points recalculated separately but each point accumulation from Splits will tally the teams going to the World Championships. This means teams shall be striving in each split and will have three separate chances of making it to the Championships of the RLCS X. Rocket League also noted that “this helps keep competition for Major qualification healthy each Split, while rewarding teams with World Championship qualification for long-term competitive consistency.”

The Championship:

“Speaking of the World Championship, it’s getting bigger and better. Along with the $1,000,000 prize pool, we’re also expanding the World Championship to 16 teams (six from North America, six from Europe, two from South America, and two from Oceania).

Only the North American and European regions shall have this circuit with a separate organization for South America and Oceania.

We’re working with South American and Oceanic tournament organizers to create their own circuit of events that will serve as official pathways to Majors and the World Championship. They’ll have their own point systems and their prize pools are being increased across the board. More information will be available soon.”

There is also the introduction of The Grid. Here is what the official blog states;


Another big change to our competitive ecosystem is The Grid, a new weekly tournament circuit that brings top teams together to battle for Grid Points, prize money, better seeding, and a spot at the Majors. The Grid was inspired by the motorsport concept of ‘starting grids,’ and this league reflects that philosophy, with results informing RLCS Regional Event seeding and qualifying top-performing teams for RLCS Majors.

Here’s how it works:

  • Nine weekly tournaments per RLCS Split
  • Teams earn Grid Points and a cut of a $10,000 (per region) weekly prize pool
  • The Grid will inform seeding for RLCS Regional Events
  • The team with the highest accumulated Grid Points will qualify for that Split’s Major
  • At the end of each Split, the top ten teams retain their spots, while the bottom six teams will have to fight for their spots in The Grid
  • The 16 teams invited to the first season of The Grid are the teams that earned RLCS and Rival Series auto-qualifications via their performance in Season 9
  • Grid Points will reset after each Split and can’t be used to qualify for the World Championship.

We’re also opening up The Grid broadcasts to allow individual teams to stream, making it easy to follow your favourite team’s run. We’ll share more details on this as we get closer to the start of The Grid.

This also highlights the partnership with Battlefy which shall be administrating the whole circuit throughout. Moreover, all information regarding the RLCS X and the Splits will be released via Twitter.

For more on RLCS or Rocket League, visit their official website.



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