Pokemon GO: Rocket Duo Jessie And James Active Now

 Pokemon GO: Rocket Duo Jessie And James Active Now

There comes an intriguing feature over Team Rocket Balloons as the renowned duo from the Pokemon Anime franchise, Jessie and James, finally make it to in Pokemon Go. The original duo that began the Team Rocket Scenario in the anime franchise is available inside their signature Meowth Hot-Air Balloon to battle against. They come with updates to the line-up of Shadow Pokemon and more.

A mysterious duo has arrived in Pokémon GO via a…Meowth balloon? The two call themselves Jessie and James, and it looks like they’re up to no good! Help us defeat them!

As Team GO Rocket’s balloons prowl the skies, we’ve been investigating them further. The Grunts piloting the balloons are just as perplexed as we are as to where these characters came from. From what we understand, Team GO Rocket has assigned Shadow Pokémon to protect Jessie and James as they seek to create more Shadow Pokémon.

This is where you all come in! Check the map to see whether Jessie and James’s Meowth balloon is flying by. When the Meowth balloon appears, tap it to battle Jessie and James. Plus, avatar items inspired by Jessie and James are now available in the shop!

It looks like Jessie and James won’t be here for long, so let’s GO teach these silly villains who’s boss before they leave.

Moreover, the Week 2 Challenge that was originally set to go live right now was the Battle Challenge which is replaced with the ongoing Rocket Balloon Takeovers. As stated, the signature duo of Team Rocket will not be available forever unlike all other Team Rocket Leaders, so those who want to battle them for their exclusive new Shadow Pokemon can keenly look to playing Pokemon Go right now. Battle rewards from battling Team Rocket are available now more than ever before as every player can hope to open Pokemon Go and still be able to get Team Rocket at their casual locations, they need not go outside to Pokestops in order to use this opportunity to fight out against Team Rocket.

Moreover, this draws us that much closer to the Pokemon GO Fest as we enter the Second Week of July Challenges and bonuses alongside much more that’s happening in Pokemon Go in this month.

Ahead of this comes the Community Day for July which shall feature the popular Ghost Type Pokemon Gastly. You can check out our other articles for all that’s in store for July on Pokemon Go. You can also check the official Pokemon Go website for anything on the mobile title.