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New Team Rocket Mechanic teased for Pokemon Go

The fourth Anniversary for the title is heading for a great celebration with the startup of the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Challenges from July 3rd. However, that does not seem to hinder devs at Niantic to implement a completely new mechanic to the game very soon. Mega Evolutions aside, a recent post gives insight into a new Team Rocket Mechanic that may include stolen Pokemon.

We’ve gotten word from Professor Willow that the team leaders have found some eyebrow-raising scraps of paper while training with their buddies for the Pokémon GO Fest weekly challenges. He’s shared this log with us because the scraps seem to be related to Team GO Rocket, and he needs your help to figure out what they can possibly mean. We’ve prepared his report for you below and will continue to update it as he shares more of his findings.”

This statement comes alongside two pictures with the signature R logo of Team Rocket.

The current system and state of Team Rocket in Pokemon Go sit where they capture Pokestops. By spinning these, players can get Shadow Pokemon which may further be purified to increase their stats if they’re able to defeat Team Rocket. Additionally defeating Team Rocket Grunts and Leaders gives the chance to face off against the infamous Giovanni, the popular Head Leader of Team Rocket. There is a whole array of rewards and features for this which is looking to get revamped and updated very soon.

From the analysis point of view, there may be a case that Team Rocket shall not just be sticking to Pokestops from now on. With other means at their disposal such as Hot-Air Balloons, players might be seeing their menacing ways take a much larger impact to the gameplay than they might think!

Who knows, it might even be the addition of the most well-known duo of Team Rocket; Jessie And James. whose work was to capture strong Pokemon. There is still no official news yet, but this tease looks to give many thoughts to players. One thing is for certain, there is a Team Rocket Update coming very soon.

There seems to even be a link of this to July’s Event features which shall be commencing in two days. There may be the case that players may get this new feature sooner than they think, as there are loads of challenges which the tease may be referring to. The Anniversary Week comes with the first challenge of the GO Fest 2020, followed up with two more in the coming weeks leading up to the actual two-day event set for July 25th and 26th. Regardless, there is much to be excited for as a Pokemon Go player.

For all that’s in store for Pokemon Go, their official website will give you all the latest. We’ve also written a full article on all that’s in store for players for the month of July which will feature the games biggest annual event, the Pokemon Go Fest 2020. It shall be fully online with all features available throughout the globe to every single player. This is a first for the Fest to take the online stance so don’t miss out if you’re a fan!



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