Modern Warfare and Warzone New Sniper and Kill Streak Leaked

 Modern Warfare and Warzone New Sniper and Kill Streak Leaked

Infinity Ward is currently working really hard to keep both Modern Warfare and Warzone playable for everyone. Since they were released, the developers have introduced different updates through which they have either fixed known issues or have added new content. And with every new season, players get to enjoy a plethora of new content. From new weapons to skins, we have seen it all.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Leaked Content

Recently, there have been many leaks and rumors going around regarding what season 5 could feature. The fourth season went live a couple of weeks ago but that hasn’t stopped data miners from digging up what’s in store for the next season. Recently, it was discovered that a new sniper along with a new killstreak could be soon making their way to Modern Warfare and Warzone.

New Sniper

To begin with, a data miner recently managed to leak a new weapon that will soon arrive in Modern Warfare and Warzone. This new weapon is Intervention, the renowned sniper rifle from the Call of Duty series. This sniper made its first appearance in Modern Warfare 2. Almost every player fell in love with this weapon as it was considered as the best quick scoping weapon. But the thing which disappointed many players was the fact that the Intervention failed to appear in any Call of Duty game after Infinite Warfare. However, as per the leak, all of this will soon change.

The Intervention was discovered in the game’s files by data miner BKTOOR, who posted a couple of pictures on Twitter which also included the sn_romeo700 and Remington Model 700. For those who don’t know, BKTOOR is a reliable data miner who has previously managed to accurately leak multiple things. The weapon will be joining the list of snipers and marksman rifles in Modern Warfare and Warzone, which include AX-50, Crossbow, SKS, M14 EBR, Kar98k, Dragunov, and the Rytech AMR.

The data miner failed to find out exactly when the new sniper will get added to the game. However, considering it has appeared in the game’s files shortly after season 4’s launch, we might get to see it in a few weeks. But we shouldn’t get our hopes up to high as Infinity Ward might shift it to season 5.

New Killstreak for Warzone

Another thing which has left a lot of players excited is a new killstreak. We all know that Infinity Ward is really slow when it comes to introducing new killstreaks. They have been trying to spice things up by adding new stuff, such as the most recent “Most Valuable Player” contract, but it just isn’t enough. The killstreak meta hasn’t changed a lot since Warzone’s release, and we have only been able to buy the standard Cluster Strikes, Precision Airstrikes, and UAVs from the Buy Stations.

In the previous weak, some players noticed that the developers secretly added the Counter UAVs in Warzone through a small patch. This killstreak is only available after calling in four UAVs back to back. The killstreak is somewhat amazing, but it will end up making you $16,000 poor as you’ll have to get four UAVs. However, this could soon change as a recent leak suggests that the Counter UAVs will soon become available at Buy Stations at a really affordable price.


As per the picture shared by a user on Reddit, the Counter UAV killstreak will cost only $4500 at Buy Stations. This means that you’ll have to spend just $500 more than the standard UAV killstreak. One thing to keep in mind here is that you should take this information with a grain of salt because nothing can be confirmed until Infinity Ward officially announces it. There have been many times when leaked content has failed to make its way to the game. This is mainly because the developers end up scraping the idea during its development stage. But considering the community has been requesting for new killstreaks, the chances for Counter UAVs to arrive at Buy Stations are high.

In any case, it is exciting to see that a new weapon and a new killstreak might soon make their way to Warzone and Modern Warfare. The Intervention sniper is surely going to be an amazing addition to the game as a lot of players will be happy to see it.

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