Infinity Ward has been doing everything in its power to overcome the problem of cheating in Warzone and Modern Warfare. In the past, they have used several methods to ban players who were caught cheating in both games. Although they have tried their best to put an end to this issue, they just can’t stop new cheaters from appearing in the game. To make things even worse, innocent players are also now getting banned for no reason.


Warzone and Modern Warfare instantly became a target of hackers shortly after their release. These players use third-party software to get an advantage over other players. For instance, there are software that let them accurately land their shots on their targets no matter where they shoot. Some even allow them to see their enemies behind the walls. There have been times when even top steamers and players have become a prey of these cheaters, something which has made them loose their interest in the game.

Warzone and Modern Warfare Latest Ban Wave

Although the developers are continuously banning those who are caught cheating, the number of cheaters is rising every day. It was also recently discovered that every Warzone match has cheaters in it. To speed up the process, Infinity Ward has now started different ban waves that end up taking down a lot of cheaters. However, the latest one, which took place on July 7, ended up banning a lot of innocent players and they are now left confused about what they should do.

Soon after the ban wave happened, players started posting on Twitter about how they were wrongly banned from the game. A player Tweeted that he has never cheated and has never done anything offensive, yet his account was banned. ModernWarzone account on Twitter claimed that the ban wave also ended up targeting those players who showed toxic behavior in the game. In short, those who were toxic in the in-game chat have been hit with a ban hammer. The account also mentioned that tin-game chat messages “have gotten quite a large number of people banned.”

At the moment, Infinity Ward hasn’t provided any statement regarding what they are planning to do about this issue. Some players are also frustrated because there is currently no way to file an appeal to get their accounts back. Most of the players who got wrongly banned have invested a lot of money and time to build their accounts, and they are not happy with the current situation. Considering a lot of players are complaining about this, the developers will update us soon.