Ubisoft has done a remarkable job of introducing a number of amazing weapons in Hyper Scape. The game is currently in its open beta stage, but players still have access to a wide range of weapons they can use in combat. While we currently don’t know whether the developers will be adding more of them during the beta stage, we will most likely get to see some new ones at launch. Today, we will be talking about some of the best weapons to use in Hyper Scape.

Best Hyper Scape Weapons

The thing about battle royale games is that there always exist some weapons that are more powerful than others. While any weapon can help you out during the first few minutes of the match since its absolutely chaotic, you can’t go far until and unless you have some good powerful weapons on you. Thankfully, Hyper Scape is the type of game that is filled with every type of weapon. From Assault Rifles to Snipers, it has it all.

One mistake new players make is that they tend to go with the most powerful weapon without learning how to use it properly. For instance, the player might start using a Shotgun only because it can put enemies down quickly. However, what he won’t realize is that the Shotgun is ideal only for closed-ranged combat, and he’ll get eliminated quickly in mid-range battle. Therefore, it is always wise to first see the situation you’re in and then choose the right weapon for it.

The Ripper

The Ripper is considered as one of the best weapons to use in Hyper Scape because it’s well-balanced. Assault Rifles always play an important role in battle royale games since they help in both close and mid-range combat. The thing which players love about the Ripper is that when fused to the max, it can tear through the enemy’s HP quickly. The weapon offers a clip size of 24 bullets, which can be further increased by interacting with duplicate weapons. This will not only increase its magazine capacity but will also improve the damage.

Hyper Scape

The only downside about the Ripper is that its recoil can be a big problem at a longer range. However, if you’re only planning to use it for close to mid-range combat, then you should be fine with it. Considering the weapon is simple to use, is effective in different situations, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

Mammoth MK1

The second one on our list of best Hyper Scape weapons is the Mammoth MK1. Sadly, there is only one shotgun available in the game, and its this one. However, you shouldn’t feel too disappointed as the Mammoth MK1 can do the job pretty well. Even in its weakest form, this weapon can take down your opponent in just three shots. It starts with only six bullets, but this can be further increased to nine bullets. In addition to this, as you upgrade the weapon, its power will also increase. Once this happens, you will need to land only two successful body shots on your enemy to eliminate him.

Salvo EPL

The reason why the Salvo EPL is on our list is that its the only one that can help you create havoc in Hyper Scape. This is the only grenade launcher available in the game, and it’s pretty amazing. Although the explosive must hit the target on impact, the damage it deals is great. In addition to this, Hyper Scape is the kind of game in which enemy teams are often camping inside different buildings, and this bad boy can help you clear them up. However, keep in mind that you will have to spend some time learning this weapon considering it is not that easy to use.

Hyper Scape


The fourth and final weapon on our list is the Skybreaker. This weapon is really different from others in many ways because of how it works. Basically, this energy weapon acts like a cannon that sends out an orb that can travel far. The farther it goes, the more powerful it becomes. And once it hits an enemy, it deals a lot of damage. The best part is that this damage is further increased as you upgrade this weapon.

These were some of the best weapons in Hyper Scape. We’ll make sure to update the list as Ubisoft introduces more weapons. Make sure to check out the best landing spots in Hyper Scape before you go.