Hyper Scape Best Landing Spots – Top Loot Locations Guide

 Hyper Scape Best Landing Spots – Top Loot Locations Guide

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s yet another attempt at a battle royale game. After remaining in a closed beta stage for around one week, the game has now entered the open beta stage which is free for everyone. You also don’t have to worry about belonging to a certain region or having a code to access it.

The battle royale has been so far well-received by players. Since it is still in its beta stage, it is still too early to say whether it is going to be a success for Ubisoft or not. The game features a style that is seen in some of the top battle royale games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite. Up to 99 players drop into a match to search for loot and eliminate other opponents. There are some things that make it unique from others such as the concept of Hacks and the crown that appears at the end of the match. Other than that, you won’t notice any major differences.

Hyper Scape Top Locations Guide

For those who don’t know, battle royale games are all about gathering the best loot in order to become more powerful. In fact, the type of loot you get determines whether you’ll be able to go far in the match or not. You must make sure that you have the right weapons and equipment on you. Otherwise, every other player is going to come and crush you in an instant. In order to help you with getting some top tier loot, we’re going to talk about some of the top landing locations in Hyper Scape which have the best possible loot.

Blue and Orange Areas

If you have played Hyper Scape, then you must’ve noticed that the names of different locations are either highlighted in blue or orange color. The blue-colored locations are the regular ones that don’t feature a lot of top tier loot. However, the orange ones are completely different as these areas are called “landmarks” and they offer the best loot in the entire game.

Hyper Scape

The thing you should keep in mind before entering the orange areas is that these locations are considered as hot zones. This basically means that a lot of players are going to drop there, so you should prepare yourself for a fight right after landing. Since you’ll run into another squad within seconds, make sure to grab a weapon as soon as you land. Otherwise, you’ll get eliminated instantly. Now, without any further due, let’s talk about the best loot locations in Hyper Scape.


The first location we’d like to mention is Limelight. This area is considered one of the best drop locations in Hyper Scape by many players. If you’re starting in the northwest, then there isn’t any other place you should go to other than this. The thing which most players love about it is that it offers many gold chests, and these chests drop the best loot. The only thing you have to worry about is staying close to your squad as a number of enemy squads are always wandering around here.


If you’re starting from the southwestern side of the map, then you should definitely go to T-Loop. This location offers four buildings and all of them are filled with a lot of amazing loot. In addition to this, all of your squad can go to a separate building. This way, all squad members will get their fair share of the loot.

Hyper Scape

Red Tiger

The third and final location we’d like to mention is Red Tiger. Regarded as the best drop point in Hyper Scape, this area offers many buildings filled with some of the best loot you can find. The only downside about this area is that it is always crawling with enemy players and you won’t be able to breathe in peace as long as you’re there. However, even though the risk is high, the type of loot you get is also amazing. Therefore, if you’re up for a challenge, then make sure to pay Red Tiger a visit the next time you log into Hyper Scape.

These were some of the top landing spots in Hyper Scape that can help you get top tier loot. We hope that our guide will help you out.

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