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Gastly Community Day arriving in Pokemon Go

It was in the hands of the voters to decide who would be the Community Day Pokemon for June and July, with Weedle taking the stage last month. This time around, the fan favourite Gastly is arriving as July’s featured Community Day Pokemon.

It comes not as a surprise considering its final evolution, Gengar is voted to be one of the top three most popular Pokemon for the fandom. The Generation 1 Ghost-type is sure to excite players to participate in the Community Day coming on July 19th, Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm.


As usual, the shiny variant shall be available throughout the day if players are lucky enough to find one. Gastly will appear very frequently throughout the duration of the Community Day. What’s more, is that the Community comes at the same time as the third week of the GO Fest 2020 Challenge of Friendship! That means both bonuses of the Community Day and the Go Fest Week will be active for everyone to take full advantage of in the game!

The Community Day Featured Move for evolving Gastly into its final form is Shadow Punch, a great Ghost Type move suiting the Ghost Type Pokemon itself. Moreover, the official blog features say there will be a surprise feature if we take a few snapshots during the Gastly Community Day. There will be a special July Community Day Box, containing the following items;

  • 30 Ultra Balls,
  • 1 Elite Fast TM,
  • 2 Incense,
  • 2 Super Incubators.

Moreover, this time there shall be a purchasable Research Story named as The Great Gastly. It shall have the Professor investigate some strange happenings in his mobile lab and will feature rewards for completion on the Community Day. The Purchasable Ticket for this story will go live soon ingame.


The Bonuses active during the duration are the following two;

  • Eggs will cut distance needed to hatch eggs to 1/4 the normal distance. This will not stack with other active Hatch Distance Bonuses, but it shall still be worthwhile to use Incubators in this duration.
  • Incense will last for three hours when activated during the event. This is big as this will allow a huge variety of Pokemon to spawn alongside the featured Gastly because of the Go Fest 2020 Features also being active throughout the day. There will be plenty of stuff to enjoy on July 19th.

“Ready your scary faces for July Community Day! Let’s GO, Gastly fans! Also, make sure to turn on Adventure Sync to take advantage of the 1/4 Hatch Distance bonus on Gastly Community Day.”

Moreover, aside from the Community Day, the new Rocket Features tease had another tease post released as well! This is what is released today;

“Subject: [Willow Report] Sunny with a chance of scraps.

After a day passed without any further clues, Spark came to my lab. He showed me two pieces of paper that depicted Team GO Rocket figures.

Spark said that he found the scraps about a week ago. When I asked him why it took so long for him to come forward with them, he simply responded, “I was out by the grass, hanging out with all the Bug-type Pokémon and looking for a Shiny Weedle, and I forgot I had them. Are they important?”

I gave him a weary look and told him that Blanche had brought in similar scraps of paper and that they’d also seen some Grunts acting suspiciously in the area. This seemed to have sparked a memory in the Team Instinct leader’s mind—while he was looking for the Shiny Weedle, he noticed some Grunts nearby pointing up at the sky. Maybe they were looking at the same object that was floating in the sky in the Clefairy image? Perhaps these occurrences are all connected somehow. This is quite peculiar…

This tease looks to be hinting on a new update coming very soon. There may also be the case of a Weedle return this month by the looks of it. There are tons of varieties of Pokemon spawns this month so this is the perfect chance for players to play Pokemon Go. The Fourth Anniversary Event Week of Pokemon Go is going live today as well! For all the information leading up to the fabled two days of the Pokemon Go Fest 2020, check out our article over here. July is a month full of features and rewards for anyone that tried out Pokemon Go.

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