ESL One Thailand 2020 Partnering with Ministry of Tourism & Sports

 ESL One Thailand 2020 Partnering with Ministry of Tourism & Sports

ESL One announcements suffice once more to a grand round of DOTA 2 Esports coming online in August. The ESL One Thailand 2020 will be facing off regions of America and Asia, this time with a unique initiative for Thailand’s esports scene, alongside a $200,000 prizepool up for grabs. This comes as an exclusive vouching of Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports alongside it’s Sports Authority.

ESL is delighted to announce ESL One Thailand 2020 powered by Intel – Online; a tournament that will cross nations and unite Dota 2 teams from Asia and the Americas!

Running from August 8th to September 6th, the US$200,000 competition will feature two divisions, Asia and the Americas, and offers local Thai teams the chance to progress from The ESL Thailand Championship to compete against the best professional esports teams in Asia.

Both regions shall be separately going towards the conclusion of the match, with Asia’s hand deeper into a bigger prize pool than the other region. The American division will hail a round-robin format for the early stage and the normal best-of-three format later into the stage. This also holds invitations to eight teams from both North and Sound America.

 The Americas division, which runs from August 8th to August 30th, will be played as a round-robin group stage, with all matches adopting the ‘best of three’ format. Eight teams from North and South America will be invited. The top four teams will proceed to double-elimination playoffs, with the finals then adopting a ‘best of five’ game format. Teams will compete for the US$65,000 prize.

The Asia division comes a little bit differently. Other than the round-robin format and a championship played on Best-of-five format, there will be a chance for two exclusive teams to enter through a unique partnership of ESL Thailand with Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports it’s Sports Authority. It will feature a higher prizepool and will see much anticipation from Thailand’s community.

The Asia division, which runs from August 20th to September 6th, will feature two groups of six teams, competing in a round-robin format with ‘best of three’ matches. The top four teams from each group will proceed to a double-elimination playoff (1st and 2nd of each group go to the upper bracket, 3rd and 4th to the lower bracket), with the grand finals then switching to a ‘best of five’ game format. Two of the twelve teams will enter via the dedicated ESL Thailand Championship, a first-of-its-kind initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism & Sports (MoTS) and Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).

“We are very excited to bring some of the world’s best Dota 2 players together for this online competition, which will pave the way for live events in Thailand in the future”,

says Ulrich Schulze, SVP Product at ESL. “By hosting the event online we are able to cross borders to unite players and fans even in those challenging times, and we are proud to have collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism & Sports and the Sports Authority of Thailand to provide local Thai players the chance to compete against some of Asia’s best pro-Dota 2 teams.”

Which teams to be invited to the competition is still yet to be announced. All the action shall start on August 8th. Normally an esports event such as this would not be happening at a time like this, as August’s timeline would be replaced with the Annual event for Dota 2, the biggest Esports Event for the game, The International. However, The International is postponed to a later date given in the next year which gives the time-frame for ESL One Thailand to catch some main-stage limelight. It certainly will be anticipated to those who were looking for top tier Dota 2 competitive play, thus there is much to look forward to as a DOTA 2 fan in the month of August and September.

For more on ESL, visit their official website over here. This shall shed light onto the unique partnership and look to how an esports competition suffices in such circumstances. Thailand comes with one of the biggest followings of Dota 2, and this event shall have plenty of entertainment to all it’s fans in Thailand, and to the globe.